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Building the BATTLEFIELD Experience and the Evolution of Frostbite’s AI

Mikael Hedberg on July 28, 2010

BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 is most recent FPS from EA's acclaimed DICE studio. The game certainly has its fair share of AI challenges — including many BATTLEFIELD-specific problems such as finding cover in highly dynamic environments and driving physically realistic vehicles. How did a AAA studio known for its multiplayer games set out to build the AI a story-driven game in BAD COMPANY 1, and how did it evolve for the sequel?

In this keynote from the Paris Game AI Conference 2010, Lead AI Programmer Mikael Hedberg shares some insights into AI for the BAD COMPANY series, in particular the changes the team made for the most recent iteration and how it affected the overall experience. You'll also hear how the Frostbite AI evolved from its original use in multiplayer bots, and how the results differ from many other game's AI.

About Mikael

Mikael was the Lead AI Programmer on both BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 1 and BAD COMPANY 2. He's also worked on the AI for the Frostbite Engine, created at DICE / Electronic Arts. Mikael maintains a personal blog and you can find him on Twitter as @slicedlime.

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Mikael Hedberg
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Mikael Hedberg
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Discussion 2 Comments

infinite_loop on July 28th, 2010

i heard him mention during one question, involving dynamc obstacles, the usage of a middleware solution. Does anyone know what middleware solution was used for BC2? Kynapse again from BC1? or something else

alexjc on July 28th, 2010

I heard rumors (not Kynapse) but unfortunately I can't find any confirmation online...

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