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Case-based Reasoning and User Generated Behavior with Ashwin Ram

Alex J. Champandard on April 3, 2010

Content generation for games is rarely an easy task, but when it comes to creating behaviors it's even harder! This not only makes it slow for game developers to build games, but it rules out players from leveraging their own behaviors as user-generated content. Case-based reasoning (CBR) is a technique that's starting to address these issues...

In this 1h audio/video interview with Ashwin Ram, Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and expert on CBR, you'll hear how the technology has been applied to games in research projects. You'll also find out more about how Ashwin's team is leveraging CBR to open up the AI & behaviors for many games as part of the Make Me, Play Me project.

This full interview from the Premium area was brought to you thanks to the sponsorship of PathEngine, a game AI middleware company specializing in navigation.