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How To Architect Your AI: Case Studies from Indie Games

Alex J. Champandard on June 11, 2011

The best way to learn is from real examples! In this review, you'll hear about four different work-in-progress indie games, and in each case the AI hasn't been developed (much) yet. You'll learn how to approach the design, what factors to consider, as well as how to architect the system and lay out the implementation plan. By going through this process for iOS games, web-games and PC games, you'll be able to apply this to your own games too.

In particular, this tutorial features one top-down racing game, a turn-based board game on an octagonal grid, a web-based competitive game with coins, a space ship battle simulation without friction, and a single-button strategy game with hexagonal tiles. Two common patterns were used to architect the AI for these games, click find out what they were!