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Masterclass_Mikko ’16: Early Bird, Tracks & Call For Speakers

Alex J. Champandard on March 3, 2016, the biggest worldwide conference on Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries, will be back in Vienna on July 18-20. Save the date! Last year we changed our format in a leap of faith to three parallel tracks, extended the conference to three days and broadened the topic beyond game AI. And it worked! Extremely well, actually (but we're probably biased :-).

Early Bird already Started!

If you are a regular you'll probably just need this: "Get your Early Bird tickets here" and remember to tell your friends to join you! For those still on the fence or who's manager wants to know more about the content we have listed this year's tracks below.

If it's the first time you heard of us the short description is "Spend three days in a friendly community of hundreds of AI enthusiasts to learn, network and get inspired!". You can browse last year's website to get an idea of's content and scope. Here is what an attendee said:

For the first time in my life, I left a conference with concrete and crystallized plans to improve my current project based on the talks I attended and the conversations I had with people. Incredibly. Useful.
—Sergey Mohov, Game Designer at Ocelot Society

In case you are an Indie (aka not owning a fancy coffee machine), between jobs or a student in full-time education we have discounts available for you. Email us at team at to make your case! '16 Tracks

Together with our track chairs we've prepared the following 9 conference and workshop topics for you:

  1. Analytics & Data-Science
  2. Agent Behavior
  3. Character Animation
  4. Cognition, Bots & Understanding
  5. Dynamic Storytelling
  6. Human Interaction & Recognition
  7. Procedural Content Generation
  8. Real-time Decisions
  9. Systemic Design & Generative Systems

We already have the first cool talks lined up and we'll be announcing them officially within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned here or follow @nuclai for more news.

Call For Speakers

We welcome submissions for presentations about AI and ML techniques applied in practice, ranging from research prototypes to commercial products, independent games to mobile applications or AAA titles and VR/AR simulations, from robots and toys to smart objects for IoT, or even social media bots and interactive exhibits.

Also, research & development tutorials and workshops for practical applications are interesting for our attendees. Out of experience, the best sessions at the event try to balanced design and technology; we're looking forward to your submission!

In case you don't want to go for a full talk or workshop but you think your project would still be of interest to others, you can also present your project in an informal poster session. You see, there is no excuse!

Submit your talk/workshop/poster with this form.

Deadline for submissions is April 15th, 2016. Don't miss it!

Still unsure? Here is what other attendees thought:

It was my first time at #nuclai15 and I really hope to be able to attend every year from now on! Great information, great people, great time!
—Laurent Delayen, Epic Games, Inc.

Wide variety of topics, great speakers, interesting conversations and lots of very very cool stuff to see and try - easily beats other conferences!
—Kevin Schmidt, Head of Data Science at Mind Candy

Inspiring talks, dedicated people, things to play with, that's a conference to my taste.
—Anika Uhlemann, Engine & Game Programmer at GOODGAME Studios

I've never seen so many industry figures, academics, and students happy to discuss a range of topics around AI in games. It was really, REALLY helpful.
—Matthew Bedder - PhD Student (IGGI CDT, University of York)