Two Months of 2.0

Alex J. Champandard on August 1, 2007

This is the second month of version 2.0, and it’s been another amazing 31 days. Thanks to all of you reading this for making it possible! To celebrate, I’m putting up even more prizes for the month of August; read on…

316 Readers

July 31st subscriber count.

The full RSS feed has already reached over 300 subscribers on average, and the community here is growing strongly too.

How Can I Make This Site More Useful for You?

I relaunched this site with the intention of focusing 100% on you. (Yes, even those of you reading this feed in your underpants at 3:00 A.M. :) That’s one reason why there are no intrusive adverts anywhere on the site…

But for this to work, I need your feedback! So, feel free to post a comment or email me about anything that’s on your mind:

  • Topics — What subject or themes do you want to hear more about?

  • Format — Is the article layout O.K.? do you prefer other media?

  • Types of Post — Are you interested in other forms of content?

  • Frequency of Updates — How often are you interested in new content?

  • Website Features — Is there anything about the blog that can be improved?

Spread the Word!

Game AI T-Shirt

If you have a blog relating to video games, artificial intelligence, or software development (or any combination thereof), you can win a T-Shirt by posting a review of this site on your blog.

To enter the contest, just follow these steps:

  1. Write an honest review!

  2. Dedicate a post to this.

  3. Link to the root of the site.

  4. Drop me a line using the contact form.

I’ll pick one person randomly to win the T-Shirt. Also, in exchange, I will link back to relevant blogs at the end of the month. (Reviews for last month also count. There are a few great ones for July already!)

Interesting Comments

July has been a great month for discussion on the site. There are now over 100 high-quality comments, both on-topic and insightful. The comments feed is strongly recommended (it’s moderated).

At the start of the month, I announced that the Top 5 Most Interesting Comments would stand a chance of winning a T-Shirt. It’s been very difficult picking from so many great posts, so to simplify the process, I rewarded Gabriel Ware with another T-Shirt for being the Most Prolific and Insightful Commenter.

You’ll find insights from Gabriel on most articles, including in the discussions below… But here are some other highlights:

Without including Gabriel’s comments, it was much easier to pick the best posts for the other prize. So, here are the finalists I selected, in no particular order:

  1. Julian Togelius on Alternatives to Online Learning for Actor Behaviors

  2. Sergio on Using Resource Allocators to Synchronize Behaviors

  3. Angel on Using a Static Blackboard to Store World Knowledge

  4. Andrew on A Technical Overview of Game::AI++

  5. Emmanuel Deloget on Fast Delegates for Efficient AI

Python helped me pick the winner randomly:

>>> import random
>>> random.randint(1,5)

Congratulations to Sergio for winning an T-Shirt for his great comment. Some close runners up:

August Prizes

You can win two more T-Shirts this month for commenting also:

  • Most Interesting Comment (picked randomly from the Top 5)

  • Most Prolific and Insightful Commenter

Be sure to subscribe to the comments feed to improve your chances of winning. (Note: I’m excluding last month’s winners for these prizes, so you have less competition!)

Discussion 2 Comments

Andrew on August 1st, 2007

Nice winners :) good to see lots of content I need to read up on, having been away / not reading since roughly 2 weeks ago. On content; I've not seen anything that goes into detail about what current games use in interesting ways, except citing things like "FEAR uses this". It'd be interesting if some existing games could be brought up, since the application of theory and design of AI is good to know about, as well as the theory and research, and coding behind it (some other game AI sites do a bit of this too). Just an idea, though :)

gware on August 2nd, 2007

Alex, Well, thanks for the shirt :) This is a very nice site, keep up with the good work here ! Andrew, You are totally right! It would be very interesting if some actual game features & implementations could be a little bit more exposed. Some time ago Alex posted few papers and coverage articles on various conferences, these are (IMO) quite hard to find, but very interesting. If you did not read them, try searching for "coverage" on this site. [EDITOR - This is the link: [URL=]AIIDE '07 Papers[/URL]]

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