Game AI Links Week #37 2007

Alex J. Champandard on September 15, 2007

It’s Saturday so it must be time to round up the smart links from the web! If you have any news or announcements about game AI, send them in.

Axiom, a Forth Based Universal Game Programming System

Greg Schmidt recently released an extensible library for programming abstract strategy games and puzzles. It’s implemented in Forth, an amazing language from early computer science research that’s entirely stack-based. (It’s still cutting-edge today like Lisp or Scheme).

More About Artificial Intelligence In Games

An reader emailed The Digital Pensieve about their post last week on game AI. (Anyone want to identify themselves? ;-) This follow-up post answers his/her questions in more detail.

LiveCombat Behavior Capture

Browsing the AiLive middleware site, I found this video showing behavior capture for combat apparently.

XBox 360 Is Better for AI by Default

Last week’s links were somewhat controversial with my statements that the PS3 was really worse for AI and logic in general. After a bit of discussion, we’ve come to an agreement: the XBox 360 is just better at AI by default because it’s easier to work with!

The Top 10 Myths of Video Game Optimization

As a good companion to article How to Optimize Virtual Function Calls in C++ here on, Gamasutra has posted an article by Eric Preisz about things you should really know before starting!

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