Game AI Links Week #38 2007

Alex J. Champandard on September 22, 2007

Like every Saturday, it’s time for a fresh batch of Smart Links from around the web. There are some great one this week. And, as always, if you have news or announcements, be sure to send them in.

Solving Games by Graph Search

Mark C. Chu-Carroll over at Good Math, Bad Math shows how graphs can be used to model the state space of all the possible board configurations and the sequence of moves to get there. This graph can be searched to find solutions, and Mark also discusses common tricks to reduce the search space, such as pruning.

Game Narratives Constructed by AI

Brainy Gamer picked up on some recent presentations at the Austin Game Developer’s Conference (AGDC) this year. There are some interesting quotes by Patrick Redding from Ubisoft Montreal, notably about AI helping sustaining the player’s sense of flow. Check out the original slides, and the podcast while you’re at it!

Machine Learning Optimization Tips

John Langford discusses how to approach higher level optimizations when applying ML algorithms, as these are often more important than any low-level performance tricks.

Tricks to Balance Game AI

Jamie Cheng over at Klei Entertainment talks about making a game seem difficult, but ultimately in favor of the player. He goes through interesting ideas that can be used in RTS games.

Fuzzy Discussion

This week’s discussion on was about fuzzy logic, and there have been some very insightful comments.

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