Game AI Roundup Week #40 2007

Alex J. Champandard on October 6, 2007

Saturday’s here so it’s time for some Smart Links from around the web! There are 9 interesting game AI links for you this week. Thanks everyone for your submissions. Also note the new splash screens for this category :-)

Quake 2 Bots Lined-Up

Also, I’ve put up a little Tumbleblog over at, which features all these links live as I find them. You can subscribe by RSS too.

PathEngine Licensed by Rare

Thomas Young wrote in to announce a new version of the path-finding and navigation mesh library:

PathEngine announces release 5.12.00 of its pathfinding and agent movement SDK, with a number of important new function points including: ‘connected region’ queries for fast inter-agent reachability determination, support for dynamic control of off-mesh connection costs, and an example project demonstrating ‘obstacle set double buffering’ (for very fast pathfinding against large numbers of semi-dynamic obstacles).”

He also mentions that Rare has licensed the library for an upcoming XBox 360 title. PathEngine was discussed very favorably at the Apply AI 2007 Roundtable, which Rare employees attended… Gamasutra has some more information.

NaruGo Board Game AI Library Version 0.9.21 Released

NaruGo is a game AI project currently targeting Go, Texas Holdem Poker, and Chess. It investigates Genetic Programming techniques to build the AI logic. Evolutionary algorithm simulations are also used for Traveling Salesman Problem, Graph layout and the Prisoners Dilemma problem.

Havok Behavior at GDC

Just found this video from the Game Developers Conference this year. It goes into detail about the AI middleware.

Crazy About Insect AI

Nick Porcino puzzles over the use of the term “Insect AI.” It seems to show up everywhere, in the press, in research dissertations, and even in modding communities!

Pathfinding Pseudo-Code

Eric Lippert has written his thoughts on implementing a pathfinder in C#. Currently it’s a pseudo-code implementation, but his next post will delve into C#. It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the traditional C++ implementation of the algorithm.

AI Problems in Industry

Ian Ozsvald describes his experience of challenging logistics problems that high-end desktop computers can barely solve, given the constraints of the problems.

Randomly Terrorizing Passengers

MSNBC has a little article explaining how game theory is used to help place security checkpoints where people don’t expect them. What a wonderful way to make airports even less enjoyable… (Thanks Dave Mark for the link.)

Academics Smoke Crack?

Christer Ericson is upset about researchers pointing out that there has been little innovation in game AI since the 1980s. What do you think about this subject?

Stay tuned next Saturday for more smart links from the blogosphere.

Discussion 3 Comments

Ian Morrison on October 7th, 2007

This is a really interesting set of links. I'm going to be buried in them for the next hour...

alexjc on October 7th, 2007

Thanks Ian. Any favorite one in particular? There's certainly more drama this week :-) Alex

Ian Morrison on October 8th, 2007

I found it really interesting that Havok is getting in on the whole intelligent animations thing that you've been posting about. If nothing else, character animations may be getting more fluid in the future, since Havok is used all over the place.

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