Game AI Roundup Week #47 2007

Alex J. Champandard on November 24, 2007

This Saturday, there are quite a few fun Smart Links, and a couple of jobs going in game development and artificial intelligence! Feel free to contact me if you have any news or tips for next week.

Remember there’s a mini-blog over at (RSS) with game AI news from the web as it happens…

Quake 2 Bots Lined-Up

Game AI Course Slides

Robin Bing-Yu Chen from the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory at Taiwan University has posted lecture slides of his course on game AI, with over 100 pages covering A*, FSMs, and traditional board game logic.

Interactive Fiction Competition Results Out

Simon Carless sums up the 2007 IF Competition, noting that the winner is an original game about an Orc named Grunk who has a Lost Pig.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer, EA Los Angeles

I noticed on the Gamsutra job boards that Electronic arts is looking for programmers:

“As part of our team, you will be involved with next-generation AI systems design and implementation. You’ll be working in a fun, fast-paced, team-oriented environment, alongside the people who worked on the award-winning Command & Conquer franchise, The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, and the Medal Honor franchise.”

Senior AI Programmer, THQ Kaos Studios

Also on the job boards, Kaos Studios is looking for a programmer to design and develop AI and gameplay systems for the game engine within schedule.

Lead Producer writes Developer Journal on AI

The lead producer of Jumpgate Evolution Herman Peterscheck has posted a developer journal about the artificial intelligence used in the upcoming space MMO. He describes on a high-level how the AI is employed to craft a universe that will feel alive to players.

“With these basic goals in mind, our AI programmer, Darren, went to work on some basic architecture. We decided early on that AI would run as its own dedicated server. This is not uncommon in the MMO space as you want to be able to scale hardware demands based on player activity.”

Simple AI in Blender’s Game Engine

The guys over at BlenderNation found an interesting series of eight tutorials about creating a simple AI in Blender using only logic bricks.

Orion’s Belt: Chess-like AI

Pedro Santos writes about adding AI to the Orion’s Belt board game, which is similar to chess in a way. He describes how he researched games with perfect information, and chess programming on

Neural Network to Reduce Effects of Network Lag

Herself’s AI writes about the application of NN to predicting player movement in networked games:

“All these recent studies using neural networks to predict human behavior have found a purpose. They are being trained and used on game users computers to get around network lag in games by predicting the gamers next move.”

Stay tuned next Saturday for more Smart Links from around the web.

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