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Alex J. Champandard on October 2, 2007

It’s now been four months since I relaunched this site as a blog. I haven’t posted a summary for two months (since I was busy getting married last month :-) but the site is going better than ever. As usual, many thanks to you guys for making it all possible with your support and attention!

Subscriber count on October 1st.

The full RSS feed has smashed through the 450 subscribers mark, and I hit 100 blog posts just a few days ago. Read on for October prizes you can win to celebrate!

Most Interesting Comments

There were lots of interesting comments in the last two months. Excluding the winners last time, here’s my Top 5, in no particular order:

  1. Diego on The Missing Ingredient: What’s Next for Game AI?

  2. BS-er on Coroutines as State Machines (short but very interesting!)

  3. Travis on The Missing Ingredient: What’s Next for Game AI?

  4. Angel on The Importance of Actions and Conditions

  5. Dave Mark on Going All Fuzzy: When Do You Avoid Discrete Logic?

I used Python to help me pick this month’s winner:

>>> import random
>>> random.randint(1,5)

Congratulations to Angel for winning an T-Shirt, and many thanks to him for contributing to the discussion!

Most Prolific and Insightful Commenter

Game AI T-Shirt

This month’s winner is Andrew, who also gets a T-Shirt as a big thanks for his contribution to the blog. You’ll find his comments in most discussion threads linked from this page. Here are some extra comments of his:

For those of you that are curious, you can visit Andrew’s journal. I hope to read more of his comments on in the future!

More Comments To Read

If you want more insights, read the whole thread on What’s Next for Game AI? Here are some interesting comments from previous winners:

There were many good comments that didn’t make the Top 5, here are some runners up:

Thanks to all of you for commenting and giving me feedback.

October Prizes

This month, you can win two more T-Shirts by joining in the discussion on The contests are the same as last month:

  1. Most Interesting Comment (picked randomly from my Top 5)

  2. Most Prolific and Insightful Commenter

Be sure to read and subscribe to the comments to increase your chances of winning! (Note: I’m excluding previous winners from the contests, so have no excuses…)

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