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Alex J. Champandard on October 28, 2007

The new weekly schedule at seems to be working out very well. However, I’d like to stop and reflect on the Sketches series featured every Sunday. Thanks for all of your comments and feedback so far; now is your chance to help improve future articles!

There have been six articles published so far, feel free to browse through them before joining in the discussion:

Originally, it was a design decision to make the sketches hand drawn. It has its charm, but it’s surprisingly hard to make the sketches look good, and they often take more time than a digital figure would. Which do you prefer?

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Dil on October 29th, 2007

Do you prefer Hand drawn sketches: I decided not to answer this vote because I don't want to influence you. Let me explain, as you said, hand drawn sketches is a nice design decision. However, My "third option" to the vote would be: I don't mind if it is hand drawn or not, as long as you use the method you are the most confident with, so that you can spend less time to draw. Then you can draw more, or explain more if necessary. For the questions 1.2.3, here is my opinion: 1. Yes absolutely, I have a visual memory. 2. It really depends on the case, but I'd say every sketch needs its explainations. So don't do 100% / 0%. 3. The big BEHAVE state is quite obscure for me. Mine is for the moment a nest of if()elseif() which is not the best I think. Moreover, how would you manage important events that need to stop the current behaviour, like for example. "EVENT_SEE_ENEMY" while doing a GO_FROM_A_TO_B behaviour. Event driven system ? Important checks in the BEHAVE state ?

Ian Morrison on October 30th, 2007

As I've said before, I love your sketch articles, since they tend to explain things much nicer than a wall of text by itself. I'd keep the ratio roughly 50/50... the sketches do need to be complimented with text to get the subtleties across.

Andrew on November 2nd, 2007

I agree with Florian, whatever you like, you should do. As for text/diagram ratio, whatever feels best and works well (I suppose like book articles, or those from the AI Wisdom books might be good examples?). I am interested in problems being explained visually, and would expect a few articles on pathfinding (the various methods - in 2d and 3d space, and more advanced things perhaps like ladders/elevators/required jumping/dynamic obstacles, and of course pathfinding in groups and avoiding other NPC's). Pathfinding, while perhaps "basic" has a lot of ins and outs, and is more easily explained with diagrams. Doign the more advanced topics, and expanding it past FPS's - perhaps RTS's, TBS's, platformers, etc. would be good too. Lots to cover though if you did do even the advanced pathfinding stuff I'd like to see.

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