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Alex J. Champandard on September 26, 2008

It’s been over 18 months since I started revamping to its new 2.0 look. Along the way, nothing has been more important to me than sharing my knowledge with you, and trying to exceed your expectations — no matter how high! You won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve had similar plans for our new training program / membership site too.

In fact, over the last week or so, we ran a contest for the best ideas about how we could leverage the various components of the site to address the problems in Game AI generally… There were lots of great suggestions, but nobody mentioned this idea we had! In fact, it’s so good that it got a great reception when I introduced it for the first time during the Q&A last week…

Here’s a video that explains what it’s all about (2:20 min, 2.0 Mb):

Frankly, we think that’s a pretty great deal. For obvious logistical reasons, we simply can’t work with that many contributors, so we’ll be limiting this offer to those who sign-up first as charter members next week. To make sure you don’t miss out, or if want to get more information about the details, sign up to this mailing list.

Seriously, sign-up now or you’ll kick yourself later! :-)

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RobinB on September 27th, 2008

I'm not sure I quite get the concept ... do I understand it correctly that you have to pay for a membership in order to spend your time working to improve the site to gain "free" access to more features? Does this in turn mean that when you pay for a membership you don't get access to all the material? I don't want to say that the concept is flawed or anything, I just try to figure out how students fit in there. Especially pre-PhD students which often have no income/grant available to pay any monthly fees.

alexjc on September 27th, 2008

Hi Robin, Nah, the idea is sound but maybe I didn't explain all the details sufficiently. :-) When you sign-up for the charter membership next Wednesday, like others you will pay for the first three months (there's a special deal for the first quarter). That means you will get full 100% access for that period. During those three months, when you contribute, we'll simply extend your membership by the amount of points you earn and afterwards wouldn't need to pay quarterly until your points run out. Of course, all along, you're getting 100% of the best content. (That's the whole point!) We've had a really huge response so far, and almost too many sign-ups already. So I'm happy to say this will work! Our primary concern is independent developers at the moment, those who would be interested in the program enough to take the deal for the first 3 months -- and are willing to trade their time for membership points after that. As for students who are paying tuition, as [URL=""]I mentioned before[/URL], contact your supervisor or professor. We're already working with a couple of Universities who emailed us about this. Beyond that, our resources are still rather limited so it makes sense to take a fixed number of people who sign-up as contributors from our charter members. I hope that clarifies things; I will post more details to the [URL=""]contributor's mailing list[/URL] later. Alex

RobinB on September 27th, 2008

@Alex: Yes, thanks that's much clearer. It sounds like a very reasonable concept (and it is a very cunning way to get high quality content, I have to admit!). I shall ask my PhD supervisor if there are ways to collaborate, especially as we've got funding for university-industry collaboration especially with respect to AI in games ([URL=""][/URL]).

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