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Alex J. Champandard on November 12, 2007

Things here at are trundling along very nicely. The blog just broke into the Top 100k out of a hundred million on Technorati. :-) But there are a few interesting things in the pipeline that are encouraging me to open things up a bit…

The idea is to increase the quality of the articles and build up a sense of community at the same time. I plan to do this by encouraging contributions to the blog, and giving out credits for books on game development and/or artificial intelligence to those who help out.

I will of course remain the primary author of the blog and edit all the contributions. But it’ll give me more time to work on better articles and code, as well as giving other writers a leg up in the industry. (Just email me if you’re already interested. :)

Why You Want to Contribute

If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to get involved or not, consider this. As you might have noticed, I thoroughly believe that writing is the basis of everything, no matter what situation you are in. In particular, though, contributing to has its unique advantages:

  • Make contact with other game AI developers in particular.

  • Show off your work to readers and professionals in the business.

  • Put your name out there, associated with a amazingly branded site :)

  • Learn and understand your topic better with editorial feedback.

  • Receive feedback from the subscribers and other contributors here.

Plus I’m giving out book credits based on what you contribute, so you can get yourself the perfect Game AI Bookshelf!

What’s The Plan?

Here’s the big idea. Contact me and I’ll send you more details about the secret forum. ;)

  1. Establish a group of people who are interested in helping out behind the scenes.

  2. Encourage writers to contribute articles according to their level of experience.

  3. Let everyone collaborate together efficently to roll out amazing content every day.

  4. Work out a way to assign book credits proportional to the contributions.

I’ve run a writing contest before (at, but this approach should work out better since it encourages people to take their time to write their articles. I have no doubts that the quality of the content here on the blog will go up as a result.

How You Can Contribute

There are plenty of topics you can write about for regardless of your level of expertise. Starting from the simplest to the most complex:

  • Creating the weekly round-up of links on game AI.

  • Making summaries of on site discussions and from mailing lists.

  • Conducting interviews with developers and researchers.

  • Summarizing the content of white papers and publications.

  • Reviewing independent and big-budget AAA games.

  • Compiling overviews of a particular topic from other sources.

  • Making interactive demos of AI algorithms.

  • Writing extensive tutorials on particular subject.

I’m still working out the details of the book credits assignments, but if you write articles (of average size) for a couple of weeks, it’d be enough to get your hands on AI Wisdom or some equivalent book.

Anyway, there are plenty of things in the pipeline, so be sure to get involved in the discussion. And, no matter what, stay tuned!

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Andrew on November 12th, 2007

I'll see if I have time, and of course something worth writing about, later. I still need to properly get out of scripting AI and instead I need to program it in C++ (where my skills are at the moment pretty lackluster since I don't need it on my course). Could do some AI review of games, once I know more of the terminology to say exactly what "this scripted thing" or "that cool bit of code" is.

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