3 Sources to Stay on Top of C++ Trends

Alex J. Champandard on July 23, 2007

C++ is used by game development studios throughout the world, but it’s a beast of a language! There many opportunities and dangers hidden within its specification…

So it’s not surprising that developers keep finding better ways to use its features to create more efficient software with better modularity. And for anyone working on a large project, these ideas can save a lot of time.

Here are three sources you can use to stay in the game…

  1. Sutter’s Mill is Herb Sutter’s blog. He’s chair of the ISO C++ commitee, and now works as a software architect for Microsoft. See his Guru of the Week column too for plenty of tips and trick for getting around common problems.

  2. Also check out the C++ Blog on Dr. Dobb’s Portal. It features articles from the C++ experts such as Andrew Koenig, the second most influential C++ person of all times. He also has his on blog separate blog section on the site.

  3. Don’t forget the C++ Source on Artima which occasionally has some amazing articles, most recently a discussion of a better acyclic visitor implementation. Certainly worth reading!

Now you have three easy ways to keep your game programming skills on the cutting edge.

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