Dealing with AI Orders (Video) Thanks to Our Sponsors

Alex J. Champandard on November 30, 2008

Once a month, we thank the sponsors who make it possible for us to work full time on the site. This time we’re spicing things up by throwing in a live video from a Q&A session earlier this month.

Most AI modules, regardless of where they are in the system or how they are implemented, will typically expose an interface for specifying orders. It’s important to understand this process generally because it helps you not only design better interfaces, but also pick the right kind of technology to insert under the hood.

The video below shows you how this works typically: there’s a prioritized queue of orders controlled by the client code, and the AI module takes orders in order from this stack and deals with them one by one. Watch the 6:25 minute extract (3.7 Mb) for more details…

Thanks to Our Sponsors


SpirOps is a middleware development team focused on AI. Their ultimate goal is to allow video games and simulations development teams to enter what we call “the Living Game era”. To design more realistic behaviors with a never reached complexity, the SpirOps developed an artificial intelligence design paradigm called “Drive Oriented” which allows designing AI with graphical tools and keeping a linear complexity during the brain creation process.


PathEngine provides a sophisticated toolkit for agent movement, built around an advanced points-of-visibility pathfinding core. This gives you powerful paired path planning and collision against a sophisticated, continuous space, pathfinding movement model, with robust integrated dynamic obstacle functionality and exact representation of agent shape, for seamless movement over overlapping ground geometry.


We bring bytes alive! This is the vision and motivation that drives Artificial Technology GmbH. Graphically, many computer games already emulate the real world quite faithfully. The behavior of the characters, on the other hand, is often less authentic. EKI One Middleware (emotional & artificial intelligence) is a new solution by Artificial Technology GmbH which allows game developers to bestow on their characters with emotional behavior.


Havok is the premier provider of interactive software and services for digital media creators in the games and movie industries. With world leading expertise in physics, animation and tools, Havok’s business is to turn customers’ creative aspirations into technical realities. Havok’s modular suite of tools gives power to the creator, making sure that clients can reach new standards of realism and interactivity, while mitigating the overall cost and risks associated with creating today’s leading video games and movies.


A spin-off of the world-renowned German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), xaitment was founded in 2004 with the mission to create lifelike AI for games and simulations. Their mission led to the development of the xaitEngine, a highly customizable and highly modular multi-agent system that enables bots to learn from their mistakes, coordinate activities, compete with each other and achieve their goals with uncanny realism.


TruSoft provides behavior-capture AI technology, AI middleware and tools that empower game developers and gamers to create humanlike, learning, adaptive AI agents, simply by playing the role of the agent, which then replicates the behavior of human players. TruSoft’s clients include SONY, Lockheed Martin, and Electronic Arts, plus many universities and research centers worldwide.

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