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Alex J. Champandard on December 14, 2007

If you’re new to Game AI for Developers you might want to check out the Best Articles Of 2007!

Over the last few months, I’ve been extremely impressed with the community that’s built up around the blog — especially those of you that post comments! I promised everyone who asked (myself included) that I would launch a forum at some stage to bring this rather unique group of people together. However, I decided to wait until reaching 1,000 subscribers to build up a bit of momentum before launching it officially.

Well, you guys hit that magical number yesterday, but I figured it’d be best to leave it one more day to make sure! As it turns out, today is a perfect day to launch since there are exactly 210-1 daily readers now…

Anyway, that kind of geekiness is just the right tone to kick things off; the forums are dedicated exclusively to game AI enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do — and not ashamed of it! That includes:

  1. Professionals and researchers keen to push the limits of game artificial intelligence in a noise free forum.

  2. Students and beginners in game development who want to focus exclusively on AI and learn in a friendly environment.

Generally, I’d like to promote the same atmosphere that’s built up around the blog, which is rather unique on the web. With that in mind, here’s how the forums work:

  • Invitation Only — Of course, anyone can apply by signing-up and then introducing themselves. This should help build up a sense of community.

  • English Language — Being able to build coherent sentences is the main requirement! There are many other game development forums for non-native speakers…

  • Friendly, Helpful — That’s a guideline for the moderators to help remove noise and encourage discussion.

Game AI Forums

Even if you don’t sign-up, the forums behind the scenes at will increasingly serve as support for the blog, and provide a basis for other things that are in the pipeline. So stay tuned!

Of course, if you’re looking for a more popular and general forum, there’s’s Artificial Intelligence Forum which is really excellent at providing game developers with AI advice when they need it.

Anyway, I hope to see you inside!

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alexjc on December 15th, 2007

[B]Serge[/B], Thanks for your cynicism. :-) First, everyone is free to join; you just have to post an introduction! Second, I'd much rather have a small community of enthusiats who actively want to be involved than a large userbase of disconnected individuals. If writing a post about yourself is too much, then it's probably not worth the time of the community! Third, the blog will still operate on the same basis as before — so no need to worry about your anonymity! Fourth, there are lots of other forums where you can sign-up free, so this mixes things up a bit :-) Alex

dmail on December 15th, 2007

I would also question the closed format and your reasons do not seem to make sense to me. Can not somebody sign up, introduce themselves then become a none poster? I just think an open to viewing forum is much better for the commuity and also for producing an archive(google etc). "Even if you don’t sign-up, the forums behind the scenes at will increasingly serve as support for the blog..." This may be, yet anyone who does not sign up will not be able to view "Behind the Scenes" due to being a closed forum?

alexjc on December 15th, 2007

[B]dmail[/B], Overall, I'm open to experimentation. ;) Other fully open forums aren't very friendly or community-oriented, and discussion isn't always helpful. I want to avoid that avoid that above all, even if fewer people sign up. Think of this as a closed beta for the moment... (I will consult those who have subscribed to decide what course to take in the future.) Sure, someone can introduce themselves and not post again, but then other members can find that person and contact them privately/publicly if necessary (which would be impossible otherwise). It makes it easier for the community to communicate. So someone joining the forums is a sign that they want to be part of that community. Open viewing forums is certainly an option, but we'll see. There are ways to get Google/archivers to access the forum but still requiring members to sign up :-) What I mean by [I]"Even if you don't sign-up..."[/I] is that the blog comments will be handled in another fully-open forum soon (once I finish wrestling with Wordpress/vBulletin integration :-) "Behind the Scenes" is for internal coordination of the blog, and all the material will become public in the near future. It's is only open to [URL=]contributors[/URL]. Just contact me if you're interested in helping out! I hope that answers your questions. Alex

blog on January 11th, 2008

[quote]If you're new to Game AI for Developers you might want to check out the Best Articles Of 2007! Over the last few months, I've been extremely impressed with the community that's built up around the blog — especially those of you that post[/quote] Read the [url=]full article[/url] on the blog.

bronxbomber92 on January 13th, 2008

Awesome! Congratz on the 1000 member mark :)

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