Goal-Driven Player Experience (Video, Part 2)

Alex J. Champandard on October 30, 2008

In part 1 of this Q&A, I discussed the benefits of old-school player-centric AI that is built specifically to make its decisions based on what the player is doing. In part 2 below, I discuss the idea of taking this further by modeling the player’s experience as a set of goals which are used to drive the NPCs — using traditional AI techniques.

The video is 6:56 minutes long, and weighs about 5.3 Mb. You can watch it here:

Do you think these systems with AI directors, like the one in Left 4 Dead or Resistance 2’s Multiplayer are the way to go? What’s your take on driving the AI according to goals based on the game design or the desired experience of the player?

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Ian Morrison on November 3rd, 2008

Absolutely, I think that directors are part of an approach that gives you the most bang for your AI buck, and are most likely to generate behaviour that challenges the player within the context of "one versus many" scenarios like most first person shooters. The real trick will be getting these things to play nice with the designers, so that you can seamlessly merge procedural content with the authored stuff. There's too many advantages to the hand-crafted approach to throw it away entirely in favour of procedural generation.

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