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Alex J. Champandard on April 23, 2008

There’s been a fair amount of interest in game AI specific gatherings lately — particularly as the bigger conferences only have a superficial interest in the subject. Since I have to be in Paris on business around June 22-25 anyway, I figured it could be an opportunity to organize an informal event of some kind.

This event would be primarily intended for developers working in the games industry, although anyone from academia researching AI in games would also be welcome. Paris is the perfect place for this, since it seems to be a hub for game AI more than any other city — with so many specialized universities, middleware companies and game studios in general.

The main part of the day would most likely be in a roundtable format, but going in to more depth than the usual 1h sessions. For me, the roundtables are always the best part of any conference — from what I can tell, general opinions confirm this. Sadly, the GDC organizers in Europe don’t seem to value roundtables in general; they are no longer accepted on any topic. The last I organized on game AI was in London in 2004, which went down very well! Other possible sessions include a Q&A and possibly a panel (depending on people’s interests).

(Note: I’m still not sure whether I’ll be attending the Paris GDC though; there’s nothing particularly interesting in the line-up for me yet, whether design or programming.)

So, here are my questions for those of you that are interested. Either post a comment below, in the forums, or email alexjc at Please reply as soon as possible so I can get the ball rolling.

  • Would you be available for, and interested in an informal gathering of AI developers in Paris?

  • What would be a better date for you, June 22nd before GDC or June 25th afterwards?

  • Which are the two most important topics that you’d like to discuss with other professionals?

Be sure to let me know if you’re interested in such an event! Chances are I’ll be around in Paris for a few extra days, so if you want to meet up to discuss stuff anyway, let me know too…

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alexjc on April 29th, 2008

Cool, this is definitely going to happen! Keep the Wednesday 25th free if you're interested. I'm really looking forward to this already. More details to follow... Alex

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