Parallel Game Logic with Independent Entity Updates

Alex J. Champandard on October 2, 2008

In this previous extract of the Marathon Q&A I held live 10 days ago (there’s another one this weekend read below), I talked about the challenges applying multi-threading within the hierarchical logic of a single AI. Obviously, using parallel updates of entities is much lower hanging fruit in comparison, but there are also a few catches.

In the video below, I mention a talk at Siggraph by John Olick from id Software. Here’s the talk in question:

Current & Next Generation Parallelism in Games 
John Olick, id Software
Download PDF (4.8 Mb)

Here’s my answer to Guilherme’s question on the subject.

Live Q&A this Weekend

We launched our new online training program / membership site for Game AI Professionals yesterday. It was generally very well received, in fact there was a bit of a stampede when we opened the doors… :-) So to make up for those who missed out on the bonuses, we decided to run another Q&A session this weekend. It will no doubt be split into two parts to make sure that most the members who want to attend can attend.

So, if you haven’t signed up yet, there’s no better time to catch the live session this weekend. Join now!

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chris_pilkington on October 28th, 2008

Thanks Alex, I really enjoy your videos, however they only go for a couple of minutes each. Perhaps you could string 3 or 4 of together each week.

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