Call for Proposals: Our Very Own Paris Game AI Conference ’09

Alex J. Champandard on February 20, 2009

We don’t typically dedicate whole posts to call for papers, but this one isn’t the usual academic conference — and we’re not necessarily looking for more white papers either! On June 10th & 11th, is co-organizing an event with the CNAM and LIP6 University in Paris. The schedule blends invited sessions from top AI developers from industry as well as tutorials / reviews and R&D oriented sessions.

You’re probably thinking there are loads of conferences that cover game AI already — and you’re absolutely right! There’s AIIDE in California, AAMAS in Budapest this year, CIG in Italy, SAB in Scotland, GIC in London and many others including the AI Games Research Network events around the U.K.

But what each of these conferences is missing — and I know this from either attending or being asked to present — is a solid industry presence!

And Now For Something Different…

Our Paris Game AI ‘08 event stood out from the crowd by actually having more professionals from the games industry and middleware companies than academics. I have to admit though, the attendees of the workshop also included some leading academics from Europe, so the mix was much healthier and diverse than the usual game conferences too!

So, based on this winning recipe and learning from the great feedback we got from last year, we’ll be taking things even further this year, in particular focusing on:

  1. Networking opportunities with industry professionals and leading academics in a friendly and informal environment similar to last year’s event.

  2. The usual practically-oriented solutions, applied techniques and industry focus that you’ve come to expect from!

  3. A free event (by registration open to the public), with invitations sent out to games studios, the game AI community and research institutes.

  4. Less focus on back patting but instead genuinely trying to improve the quality of game AI in practice.

If I may say so myself, all this is refreshingly unique! Once you find out about the keynotes you’ll see what I mean :-)

Call for Proposals

There are two main tracks for the talks & presentations, depending on your background and experience:

Industry Track
Presentations about AI techniques used in commercial games, ranging from independent games to AAA titles. Post-mortems and discussions about R&D are also welcome, as well as participation for panels.
Academic Track
Reviews of fields of research, as applicable in practice to game development. Tutorials about popular techniques that are already used in industry. Demos and presentations of research applied to game AI.

Send your proposals and ideas to <events at> at the latest by March 15th. We’ll consider the submissions and get back to you within a few weeks. The benefits of being among the submission include invitation to the VIP dinner, as well as access to’s Premium Members’ Area.

Photo 1: Lunch at the Paris Game AI Workshop ‘08 — sponsored by Spir.Ops.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors of the Paris Game AI Workshop will get exposure during announcements relating to the conference, and of course, during the conference itself. Possible sponsorship includes:

  • The V.I.P. Dinner for Speakers, Experts and Contributors on Wednesday night.

  • Coffee Breaks in between the sessions, as well as Lunch during both of days.

Contact <events at> for more details and opportunities, particularly if you’d like to sponsor the event exclusively.

How to Sign-Up…

Last year’s event was free (by registration), but we actually “sold out” the places we had arranged and had to close registration. This year’s location will be bigger, but the program will also be orders of magnitude better! I’ve dropped hints before what you can expect, but let’s just say you don’t want to miss it…

The best thing you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on the emails is sign-up to the site so when we send out notification you can be among the first to join. Otherwise, stay tuned to this blog for the official announcement.

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