Paris Game AI Workshop, June 25th 2008

Alex J. Champandard on June 5, 2008

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the possibility of going on tour in France around the time of the Paris GDC. Since then, things have fallen into place very quickly. has teamed up with the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) LIP6 to organize our first workshop entirely dedicated to Game AI. We’re also very excited to have SpirOps on board as a sponsor too! They’re a leading AI middleware company based in Paris.

Not only will this event in France definitely happen now, but it’s going to be awesome! In fact, over the course of a week, we’ve already sold out the small room we planned originally. Well, the event is free, but you need to apply by signing-up before it’s too late. Vincent Corruble, who’s co-chairing the event, just managed to book the big room at LIP6, but we expect it to fill up very quickly too at this rate.

The list of people who have confirmed their attendance is very impressive — by any standard… It’s a nice blend of developers from industry and researchers, including some of the gurus from the blog and forums too.

Program & Schedule

There are still many details to sort out still, but I hope the event will be a nice combination of an informal gathering and a mastermind session — with a little structure here and there to help focus the discussion. :-) In particular, we’re lining up several speakers to introduce discussions over a variety of topics focusing on applying AI technology into games.


Here’s a likely list of topics to be covered during the day:

  • Learning AI and Adaptation

  • Multi-Agent Coordination (Squads)

  • Autonomous Behaviors vs. Storytelling

  • High-level AI for Game Balanching

  • Scalable Multi-threaded Computation

We expect to start the day around 9:00 or 10:00 A.M. The tentative schedule include the following sessions, each about Game AI:

Industry Panel and Q&A
Listen to some of Europe’s best game developers and middleware creators, and get the chance to pick their brains.
Research Sessions with Discussion
Leading researchers from France and the U.K. present current topics, followed by a debate among participants.
Lunch Sponsored by SpirOps
SpirOps, a leading middleware company with its development team based in Paris, is sponsoring lunch.
Open Round Tables
A lightly moderated discussion, giving everyone the opportunity to bring up any issues on their mind.

Those of you that are convinced already, you can sign-up here to meet us in Paris. The full schedule should follow shortly, so stay tuned.

Avenue du President Kennedy

Photo 1: View from an office window at LIP6 (Credit: Thomas Claveirole)

— The Organizers

Alex J. Champandard, Consultant & Editor at
Vincent Corruble, Assistant Professor at LIP6

Discussion 2 Comments

Xavier on June 6th, 2008

Signed up last week :) Is signing up enough to know I can come (and thus book train tickets ^_^) or do I have to wait some kind of email confirmation ?

fil_razorback on June 18th, 2008

How sad, this conference is held about 500 meters away from where I live (I can actually see part of the photo from my window), yet I wont be able to attend it because I must take some exam at the other side of France on the very same day. I hope I'll get a nice report instead =)

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