Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

Alex J. Champandard on September 30, 2008

NOTE: Normal programming will resume in a few days on the blog! In the meantime, why not sign-up in the forums for some stimulating discussions?

This has been a long day, but it’s been worth it! Be sure to visit this launch page, which will contain all the details you need to sign up when the site is open for business in about 12 hours!

In the meantime, I figured I should give you a quick tour of the new site before we launch… (Who knows what will happen afterwards :-)

So, assuming you’re up to speed with the rest of the offer, this is the latest gossip on the bonuses:

  • The first 25 people to sign-up get 30 minutes of Q&A or consulting with me.

  • The first 50 people to sign-up will now get a bonus PDF next week with over 100 game AI tips I collected.

  • Anyone who signs up within the first 24h after we open will get an extra free month.

If you have any questions of course, email me at <alexjc at>! Otherwise head over to the launch page :-)

Edit: I’m adding answers to last minute questions below, so feel free to send them in.

Q: Members vs. Insiders

Alex, what’s the difference between the new Members and the existing Insiders? Basically, they are both steps along the pah towards:

  • Members receive the best content has to offer, including the sandbox (from this weekend onwards), live online A/V sessions, and PDF reports. It will cost you €27 for the first three months then €41 for each subsequent quarter. Click here for details.

  • Insiders must also sign-up and log-in to the site, but it’s free. You get access to some tutorials, articles, and special features that are generally more in-depth than the blog itself. But not the features that are reserved for members.

If you’re interested in game AI, the best thing you can do is check out the Insider’s area now as it’s a step up from the content that’s available for free already.

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