AAAI Opens Up Library, Dangerous White Papers from AIIDE Escape!

Alex J. Champandard on January 27, 2009

After months of secrecy, is finally re-opening the doors of its continuous training program for game AI professionals! If you’re interested in the membership site, be sure to sign-up here for more information.

A few months ago, I criticized AIIDE for having a poor record this year: very few white papers were available before and after the conference itself — particularly compared to other conferences such as CIG that was featured recently. In fact, in the same article, I encouraged authors to release versions of their papers online themselves. This year’s AIIDE was more successful onsite than previous years, but for people not attending many papers were simply not available online. In 2007, it was almost the other way around: the online papers and posters were widely read, but the conference didn’t quite reach the expected attendance.

Now, to the delight of both conference attendees and armchair academics, the white papers are freely available online. The AAAI Organization has been a non-profit organization since its inception, yet it required a registration fee to access the papers online. However, in late 2008, AI Magazine announced that it would open up its archives:

“AAAI has launched a major initiative to open up access to the technical content of its digital library in 2009. AAAI conference proceedings and technical reports will be available to the international research community, and will be widely indexed on major search and indexing engines.”

Nick Monfort from Grand Text Auto noticed this happen and blogged about it.

Here’s the content from the AIIDE Library that’s the most relevant to those of you working with artificial intelligence and game development:

  • 2005 — 24 full papers, 6 demos, 5 invited talks.

  • 2006 — 16 full papers, 10 posters, 9 demos.

  • 2007 — 11 full papers, 11 posters, 5 demos.

  • 2008 — 26 full papers, 9 posters, 7 demos.

NOTE: All links to papers from AIIDE 2008 are apparently broken. I’ve notified the webmaster so hopefully this should be fixed soon!

Of course, stay tuned to for our trademark reviews of the best white papers from past AIIDE conferences, as we hunt down interesting and under appreciated papers that fell through the cracks!

P.S. Don’t miss the relaunch of the Members’ Area this Thursday!

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