Game Developers Conference ’09: AI Summit Video Report

Alex J. Champandard on April 1, 2009

The live coverage of GDC 2009 we had planned didn’t quite work out as we’d hoped — but we expected the worst. All the network connections we tried simply couldn’t cope with the amount of content we were trying to smuggle out of the AI Summit via streaming! In fact, not many people could broadcast much more than plain text from San Francisco either…

Things were extremely busy for the first few days anyway, so instead Phil Carlisle & I recorded our opinions of the Summit on Wednesday with the intention of broadcasting them later. It turns out, there’s a lot more in the video than just regular coverage of the event itself; click below to find out our impressions and opinions of the major discussion points.

Notes: This video is 1h09 minutes long. Steve Rabin’s name is not pronounced the way we pronounce it, it’s much simpler. Someone started out the summit with the wrong pronunciation and we only found out later! Also, Tara’s last name is indeed Teich.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Topics to cover when teaching game AI in academia.

  • The Sims 3 AI, data-driven traits, planning and production rules.

  • How designers and programmers can get along to make the best AI.

  • Behavior trees and the AI / Animation interface controversy.

If you’d like to pick our brains live, or hear more about the key points we didn’t cover during this 1h discussion, be sure to join us at 18:00 CET on Wednesday or Noon East Coast for a full marathon debriefing session live online.

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