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What Part of Game AI Interests You Most?

Alex J. Champandard on July 9, 2007

Creating artificial intelligence for computer games is a multi-disciplinary enterprise: design to create a vision for the behaviors that fits into the overall gameplay, to establish an architecture for actor AI and create the content incrementally; programming to create a framework for decision making, implement engine interfaces and basic abilities like path-finding.

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gware on July 10th, 2007

What interest me the most ? I would answer "programming ai", but creating a good production pipe is equaly important. IMO, Game AI is not only about the in-game engine, algorithms and design are only part of the problem. having a good production pipe is important in order to get the full potential of the system (and, I believe good systems come with good tools) Another interesting use of AI is its use during testing. Let's say agents used as input to test a game, pattern recognition to test rendering engines and assets, data mining to extract data from previous recorded games, etc.

Andrew on July 12th, 2007

Both very interesting, but design is certainly more so for me, like Mos said, with a good design programming is much easier anyway. The tools/programming are interesting to implement but don't do much without a design for them.

Sergio on July 15th, 2007

I am interested in programming. And I don't agree with the idea that solving the design problem automatically solves the programming one. Sure, it is easy enough to agree on a design for the game, then write code for it, and end up with a derivative game, that's no fun to play. The thing with design is that you're not going to get it right. Not the first time, maybe not the second time. You'll have to iterate, you'll have to play with the code, and the code has to allow you to do it easily and reliably. I want to be able to write the kind of code that I can modify and extend in a day, to account for something totally unexpected. Then I will solve the design problem easily. Of course, I realize that many game studios are struggling with the increased complexity of the next-gen technology today. But we're talking AI here, right? Once all the shaders and physically correct props are in place, we still need a game, and the AI is the one in charge of delivering. With good AI technology, designers will have creative freedom, and the game will stand out from competition.

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