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Alex J. Champandard on May 13, 2010

To work in games studio you have to be keen to work on general "game development" tasks, as the time you spend on AI can be surprisingly small... However, if you're keen to focus entirely on game AI, then a job in middleware may be the solution.

In a strange coincidence, the middleware companies sponsoring (who make it possible for us to do what we do), are hiring! Read on to find opportunities on-site worldwide at PathEngine, Spir.Ops, Havok or Artificial Technology. Also, we're organizing an open forum during the second day of the Paris Game AI Conference 2010, and there will be many opportunities for networking and looking for jobs.

Spir.Ops PathEngine EkiOne Havok Paris Game AI Conference


PathEngine is looking for Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers. If you're looking for a challenge, the company focuses both on robust, cutting-edge technology, and a growing, globally oriented business.

PathEngine is based in Lyon/France (near my hometown!) and is relatively close to the Alps and the Mediterranean. It's only a couple of hours by train. The company is well established (since 2002) and financially independent thanks to its many customers in the games industry.

» For details and applications see this jobs page.


Spir.Ops is interested in anything from full time jobs to internships, or even theses. The company is particularly interested in research and development related to the topics of simulating emotions and crowd behaviors.

Spir.Ops is located at the heart of Paris/France, and was founded in 2003. The company works on a variety of games and simulation projects, and has ties with research institutes around France.

» For more information see this jobs page.


Havok provides a wide variety of widely used middleware solutions, including its Physics, Behavior and AI packages. The company is looking for Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Build Engineers, and QA Engineers — as well as Support Engineers.

Havok is looking for recruits worldwide, in particular at their main development offices in Dublin/Ireland, and in Tokyo or San Francisco. The company was founded in 1998 and acquired by Intel in 2007.

» For details and applications see this careers page.

Artificial Technology

Artificial Technology is looking for developers with good knowledge of C++, solid math, and software engineering skills to work on its internal projects for the EKI One AI Middleware solution.

The company is based near Munich/Germany, founded recently in 2008. It is well funded by local investors!

... and

On the same topic, but combined with a web-startup... If you'd like to join the virtual team at and work remotely on the largest website about artificial intelligence and game development, then you're in luck!

We're particularly keen to hear from you if you're keen to work at least part-time on Editing, Publishing, or Writing. We're also looking for a System Administrator to keep our infrastructure up and running. Don't hesitate to email us at <admin at> for details.

» See our jobs page for details.

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