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Petra Champandard-Pail on September 22, 2008

Since the A/V conferencing system is now up and running, we’ll be holding a bunch of free online Seminars this week. There’ll be more of these in the future too, but right now we’re building up to the launch of a new part of the site, dedicated to industry specific tips & techniques, and it’s particularly intensive at the moment…

Anyway, here are the important dates you need to write down:

22nd September — Interview

  • Title: Next-Generation Animation for Games

  • Topics: Trends in animation technology, the motion capture bottleneck, parametric animations.

  • Duration: 1h30

  • People: Mike Gleicher, cutting-edge researcher behind motion graphs, parametric animations, and modern motion retargetting technology, from the University of Wisconsin

  • Time: 10 P.M. East Coast, 4. A.M. European Time, other timezones

  • More: Questions and notifications in this forum thread

25th September — Interview

  • Title: Game AI Design for Action Shooters

  • Topics: Common pitfalls when designing AI for games, how to avoid them, and practical anecdotes.

  • Duration: 1h30

  • People: Mikko Mononnen, Lead AI Programmer on Crysis & currently Indie developer at Secret Exit and AnyFun Games.

  • Time: 9 P.M. European Time, 3 P.M. East Coast, other timezones
  • More: Questions and notifications in this forum thread

28th September — Masterclass

  • Title: Behavior Tree Implementation Techniques

  • Topics: Discussion and analysis of the common way to build a BT, and comparison with a scheduler-based approach.

  • Duration: 2h

  • People: Phil Carlisle, responsible for the AI in the Worms franchise & currently researcher / lecturer at Bolton University (blog). Alex Champandard (see above).

  • Time: 9 P.M. U.K. Time, 10 P.M. European Time, 4 P.M. East Coast, others

  • More: Questions and notifications in this forum thread

IMPORTANT: Instructions

  • If you’re signed-up as an Insider, you can view the contents of this forum to get the link to the online event 15 minutes before it starts. You can also write down your questions for the interview before in the forums thread of each session (This will help Alex keeping up with all your questions)

  • Otherwise, you can also view this page at to get the URL 5 minutes before the online meeting starts.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for making all this possible.

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