Invitation to the Paris Game AI Conference ’09

Alex J. Champandard on March 7, 2009

Building on the success of last year’s workshop, is co-organizing the second annual Game AI Conference in Paris with the CNAM and LIP6 University. The event will take place on June 10th and 11th 2009, and the schedule blends invited sessions from top AI developers from industry as well as tutorials / reviews and R&D oriented sessions.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. The organizing committee includes Vincent Corruble of the LIP 6, Stephane Natkin of the CNAM and its CEDRIC Lab, and Axel Buendia from the middleware company Spir.Ops.

Edit: I’m adding frequently asked questions at the bottom of the post.

Date & Location

  • Duration: 2 days.

  • Dates: Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th, June 2009.

  • Time: 9:00 to 17:00, exact schedule to be confirmed.

  • Location: CNAM, Amphi C “Abbé Grégoire” — Paris 3ème (map)

  • Price: Free by registration, see below.

Confirmed Speakers

Eduardo Jimenez: The Racing AI in Pure

Eduardo Jimenez is a Senior Programmer at Black Rock Studio in Brighton U.K., who wrote the AI for Disney Interactive’s critically acclaimed dirt bike racer Pure. Eduardo will talk about how the AI for the other riders is designed to prevent the feeling of rubber band AI that’s symptomatic of many racing games, and will present the solution to the problem applied in Pure which falls into the increasingly popular category of “experience management” for games.

Ricard Pillosu: Behavior Trees for Agent Coordination

Ricard Pillosu is a Lead Programmer at Crytek GmbH in Frankfurt who recently worked on the Crysis franchise. Ricard’s talk focuses on his recent experience applying the behavior tree paradigm on top of the CryEngine 2’s existing AI system, and in particular how the behavior trees were applied to the problem of coordinating multiple AI agents simulate group tactics.

Phil Carlisle: Emotions in Game Characters

Phil Carlisle, games industry veteran, independent developer and researcher will talk about emotions in games. Phil will present an overview of the field and a review of recent research for developers who are curious about emotional reactions for game characters. He’ll also discuss this from a practical perspective, outlining the techniques that are ready to be applied and how.

Agenda for the Day

The focus for the conference is on technology and designs that improve the quality of non-player characters in commercial games, as well as applying AI technology to game development to improve the whole process. The event will bring together developers from industry, middleware vendors and leading academics in the field.

There’s much more in store for the event itself, but here’s a short preview:

  • Another set of invited talks are still to be announced shortly from AAA developers as well as leading academics.

  • More informal and open discussion sessions too, based around the popular panel format from last year.

  • Networking opportunities during the coffee and lunch breaks over the course of the two days.

So stay tuned as we confirm those over the next few weeks! (You’ll be happily surprised at the line-up…)

Attendee Registration

You can put your name down as an attendee by clicking the following lick:


Other things to note:

  1. Book your hotel as soon as possible. Paris is very busy with both tourism and conferences at this time of year, so things are filling up fast.

  2. If you’re an Premium member, plan to be around on the evening of the first night for a VIP-only event.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below or email <events at>.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I speak English only, will I understand anything?

A: Oui, of course! The whole conference will be held in English, and over half of the invited speakers are not from France. Many attendees are coming from throughout Europe (Spain, Germany, U.K. and even Israel) so English is the only common language.

Q: Is the venue easy to find?

A: The CNAM is at the center of Paris, so is easily accessible by public transport. It’s also well signpost and there will be banners for the event itself. We’ll also email you with detailed instructions to find the exact building; once you’ve signed up you’ll be on the mailing list (as long as you didn’t request to unsubscribe).

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