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Inside Xaitment: Workflow Video, New SDK Download, and Recent Announcements

Alex J. Champandard on July 24, 2009

The current economic climate doesn't seem to be distracting the middleware industry too much, in fact now seems like the time to be making new partnerships! Xaitment, an AI middleware company based in Germany, recently announced they've integrated their solution within Trinigy's Vision Engine, and developed an interface between xaitControl 2.5 and Gamebryo® LightSpeed™. (Update: To clarify the press release since it caused a little confusion, these products are still licensed separately.)

Earlier this year at the GDC, we met with the Xaitment team. We not only recorded our discussion as part of our AI Booth Crawl, which you can find right here, but we also got permission to repost the in-depth video they showed on the expo floor. You can find that below in this post.

xaitment, an AI company that provides middleware for realistic and rational behaviors, is a sponsor of Thanks to the development team for providing the exclusive screenshots below.

xaitMap 2.5

xaitMap 2.5

Screenshot 1: 3D view of the navigation mesh from the free camera.

Top-Down Navigation View

Screenshot 2: Top down view of the navigation polygons.

Since the GDC, xaitment has been developing their navigation solution called xaitmap, and just released version 2.5. Here's the blurb from the website itself:

“xaitMap 2.5 consists of the graphical interface, xaitMap Creator, and the xaitMap Library. Together, these solutions use a unique spatial subdivision technique for creating navigation meshes. The navigation meshes are created automatically by simply entering specifications about the environment and the non-player characters (NPCs) into a NavMesh Generator. The NavMesh is generated in a matter of seconds, enabling developers to easily make changes to the game map and to experiment with many different designs in order to improve the gameplay.”

For details, you cand find the full press release announcing the new version right here. The other screenshots sent from Xaitment's development headquarters in Germary are available here: 1, 2.

Workflow Demonstration

Evaluation SDK

The SDK is available for download as part of xaitment's BrainPack. You can either enter your details on this page, or head over to the wiki and download the files directly.

The BrainPack gives you access to xaitMap, xaitMove2 and xaitControl which covers everything from terrain representation to navigation and behavior logic using state machines. Some code is available as well as the executable demos and compiled library files.

Spawn Point and Path Object

Screenshot 3: Full screenshot of the XaitMap 2.5 tool.

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