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Invitation to the Vienna Game/AI Conference, 2012

Alex J. Champandard on April 18, 2012

Have you heard about Vienna? The capital of Austria and former grand capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire? Rated one of the cities with the highest quality of life in the world? From culture to cuisine to history, Vienna offers something for everyone. Our team here at is proud to add another good reason to visit Vienna...

The Vienna Game/AI Conference 2012

Executive Overview

Over the past four years, our Game/AI Conference has grown to be the largest conference on the topic of artificial intelligence, gameplay and character animation in games. It's an independent event organized by and every year this event brings together leading developers from Europe and worldwide that are passionate about Game AI. In previous years this has included developers from Crytek, Quantic Dream, Frontier, Rebellion, CCP Games, Avalanche, Climax, and many more...

Why should you attend too? It's simple:

  1. The event is entirely focused on artificial intelligence (from gameplay to animation) and its application to commercial games… No distractions!

  2. You’ll meet other passionate developers from the trenches — not publishers, journalists, marketers, or managers.

Naturally, you can expect the program to be of the usual high standards; there are more details below and you'll be hearing more soon. And of course, there'll be online coverage both free on the blog and additional cutting edge information in the PREMIUM area too...

It's the Networking

But there's one reason which is almost as exciting as the cutting edge content of the talks ... that's the networking! You'll meet people there that simply don't go to other conferences, in particular the core programming teams — maybe they are looking for someone with your skills.

Not only will you be able to pick the brains of the Advisory Board and Organizing Committee throughout the conference, but there'll also be ample opportunity to network with the best developers in Europe at our social events, which we're expanding and improving this year:

  • September 17th — The evening before the conference, there's a Demo & Poster reception for breaking the ice and checking out different research projects.
  • September 18th: — The official party takes place on the first evening of the conference. Last year the party turned into a street festival late into the evening!
  • September 19th: — By popular demand, we'll organize a V.I.P. dinner on the second day, available to those who buy a Gold Ticket.

Introducing our First Round of Speakers

This year will again see an incredible line up of speakers. We will be announcing details of the sessions soon, but in the meantime, here is a preview of what's in store.

Richard Evans

One of our keynote speakers in Vienna, Richard Evans has been at the forefront of Game AI for many years. During his long career in the industry Richard has worked on pioneering AI titles including Black & White and The Sims 3.

Michael Büttner

Michael Büttner is a Technical Producer at IO Interactive, responsible for AI and Animation. Michael will be talking about the reinforcement-learning based character locomotion system that is being used in Hitman: Absolution. This is cutting edge development on a game that has not yet been released.

Jan Kratochvil

As Mafia 2 Lead Programmer, Jan Kratochvil. In Vienna, Jan will be talking about the cutting edge crowd and city behavior simulation techniques that were used in Mafia 2.

Kieran Lord

After earning his stripes at Pandemic Studios and Krome Studios, Kieran Lord has spent the last couple of years as an independent game developer. Most recently, Kieran worked on the independent game Vessel, which shipped to critical acclaim in March, where he helped to build the dynamic music system that brings this game to life.

Ticket are available NOW!

The tickets and information about early mover bonus packages are now available from the Vienna Game AI Conference site

Like last year there are three levels of tickets, providing different levels of access at

Gold V.I.P. Ticket — 192 EUR

These gold tickets are back by popular demand. They include the full V.I.P. treatment in Vienna, as well as online access to the recordings. PREMIUM members also get a discount and a dinner invitation too. A Gold Ticket is the best & recommended way to enjoy everything the Vienna Game/AI Conference 2012 has to offer, and show your support for the event!

Silver Ticket — 96 EUR

This is the most popular way to enjoy the Vienna Game/AI Conference 2012. It includes access to the main event during the 18th and 19th of September, as well as the official party on the 19th. ULTIMATE members get a discount and a special extra too!

Behavior Tree Workshop — 497 EUR

This ticket gives you access to the exclusive Vienna Behavior Tree Workshop 2012. It's an expanded workshop-style event on September 17th that will provide the most comprehensive and in-depth set of presentations on the topic of behavior trees, ranging from their design, authoring and debugging all the way to the low-level implementation details.

Procedural Animation Workshop — 497 EUR

This ticket gives you access to the exclusive Vienna Procedural Animation Workshop 2012. This standalone workshop-style event on September 20th dives deep into the topic of procedural animation, ranging from the low-level technology to the process of crafting motion. This should not be missed by anyone working on high-level animation systems.

There are Bronze tickets at 48 EUR too, but those are only available to students and only for a limited time. More information about applying for bronze tickets can be found on the Vienna Game AI Conference site.

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