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Would You Like Some AI Marmalade to Accompany that Game Jam, Sir? Madam?

Alex J. Champandard on January 27, 2010

The Global Game Jam will take place worldwide this weekend. For those of you participating that are looking for a challenge, fresh ideas to distinguish your game, moral support or help for building your AI, then the AI Marmalade is for you! is proud to announce the AI Marmalade, which will take place on January 29-31 at the same time as the Global Game Jam. You don't have to be at an official Jam location to participate in the Marmalade; in fact you can do it from anywhere!

Here's how it works...

What Is the AI Marmalade?

The AI Marmalade is a common underlying theme for the Global Game Jam. If you're interested in pushing the boundaries of Game AI or just learning something new in this area, then join in!

The AI Marmalade is here to help by providing:

  • Inspiration and Ideas — If you'd like to design something innovative, or find a topic that explores artificial intelligence in games, then come and talk to us!
  • Technical Advice — We'll also be around for programming support if you need it. Brainstorm about solutions with the resident experts at!
  • Feedback or Comments — As you get something up and running, you need play testers or a review of your design, we'll be there too.

You can at least count on Phil Carlisle and I (Alex Champandard) on being around, and presumably the regulars in the forums and IRC channel too.

Where Will it Happen?

The AI Marmalade will take place online, so you can join in from whatever location of the Game Jam you chose. In particular

  1. The Official #gameai channel on Join us at any time during the weekend to discuss any of the topics above.

  2. The forums. Use the Projects forum to post reports of your progress, screenshots, videos, descriptions, etc.

  3. We may even use our online meeting room with audio and whiteboard to brainstorm or explain things if necessary.

If in doubt, join the IRC channel and you'll find friendly people to help at most times of the day!

How Does it End?

We'll finish the AI Marmalade at the same time as the Global Game Jam. However, afterwards we'll post about all the games, screenshots, descriptions, videos on the blog.

That's all you need to know... I hope to see you on IRC or in the forums this Saturday and Sunday.

Let's make some AI Marmalade!

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