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Invitation to the Paris Game/AI Conf. 2011, First Speakers Announced

Alex J. Champandard on February 14, 2011

Why not celebrate Valentine this year by inviting your spouse or partner to Paris in June? You'll attend the Game/AI Conference on Thusday 23rd and Friday 24th, then meet up on Saturday and Sunday for some tourism and romantic dinners in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? It's the perfect time of year for that!

Not to mention the fact you'll get the chance to attend the best event worldwide about artificial intelligence in games. (No seriously, don't mention it... Just say: “I'll meet you in Paris for the weekend!”) Last year the event brought together almost 300 developers from around the world, with keynotes from Ken Perlin on procedural animation and from DICE about the AI in the BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY series.

This year is looking to be quite an incredible event too, and tickets are now available from The Store. Also notice the redesigned official website and its new logo!

Executive Overview

Over the past three years, the Paris Game/AI Conference has grown to be the largest conference on the topic of artificial intelligence, gameplay and character animation in games. It's an independent event co-organized by and the CNAM in Paris, where the event is held. Every year the event brings together leading developers from Europe and worldwide, as well as programmers that are passionate about the topic. That includes Crytek, Quantic Dream, Frontier, Rebellion, CCP Games, Avalanche, Climax, etc...

Why should you attend too? It's simple:

  1. The event is entirely focused on artificial intelligence (from gameplay to animation) and its application to commercial games… No distractions!

  2. You’ll meet other passionate developers from the trenches — not publishers, journalists, marketers, or managers.

Naturally, you can expect the program to be of the usual high standards; there are more details below and you'll be hearing more soon. And of course, there'll be online coverage both free on the blog and full recordings in the PREMIUM area too...

It's the Networking

But there's one reason our ticket sales are already up by 100% this year before we even had announced the line-up... that's the networking! You'll meet people there that simply don't go to other conferences, in particular the core programming teams. We've already pre-booked entire rows of the amphi-theatre for IO Interactive, Guerrilla Games, Ubisoft, and People Can Fly, etc.

Not only will you be able to pick the brains of the Advisory Board and Organizing Committee throughout the conference, but there'll also be ample opportunity to network with the best developers in Europe at our social events, which we're expanding and improving this year:

  • June 22nd — The evening before the conference, there's a Demo & Poster reception for breaking the ice and checking out different research projects.
  • June 23rd — The official party takes place on the first evening of the conference. Last year the party turned into a street festival late into the evening!
  • June 24th — By popular demand, we'll organize a V.I.P. dinner on the second day, available to those who buy a Gold Ticket.

We're also extending the coffee breaks so you have enough time to discuss details in between the sessions.

Speaker Spotlight

We'll be announcing the details of the sessions shortly, but here's a preview of what's in store.

Torsten Reil

Torsten Reil is co-founder and CEO of NaturalMotion. He holds a BA in Biology from Oxford University and an MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems from Sussex University. Prior to founding NaturalMotion, Torsten was researching for a PhD in Complex Systems at Oxford University’s Zoology department, from which he spun off NaturalMotion. The company develops both middleware solutions in character animation, including Euphoria, as well as games based on the technology such as BACKBREAKER.

Eskil Steenberg

Eskil Steenberg is a software designer with 15 years of graphics experience. He’s the one-man development whiz behind LOVE, an stylish online multiplayer adventure game in first-person where the player can modify and interact with a persistent world populated with AI tribes. Eskil focuses heavily on his revolutionary tools and technology, for instance the network protocol Verse and a range of applications such as the modeller Loq Airou.

Mikko Mononen

Mikko Mononen is consistently the highest rated speaker at the Paris Game/AI Conference and a veteran at the event. He’s inspired thousands of game developers worldwide thanks to his open source navigation tools, from Recast and Detour to his Project Cane. Mikko previously was the Lead AI on Crysis, and worked as a Programmer at Crytek for multiple years. He’s also an independent game developer and consultant, having recently worked on KILLZONE 3 with Guerrilla Games.

Tickets & Pricing

The prices for this year are 1 symbolic Euro cheaper than last year; it makes the ticket prices geeky numbers too!

Gold V.I.P. Ticket — 192 EUR

These tickets are new this year, by popular demand. They include the full V.I.P. treatment in Paris, as well as online access to the recordings. PREMIUM members also get a discount and a dinner invitation too. A Gold Ticket is the best & recommended way to enjoy everything the Paris Game/AI Conference 2011 has to offer, and show your support for the event!

Silver Ticket — 96 EUR

This is the most popular way to enjoy the Paris Game/AI Conference 2011. It includes access to the main event during the 23rd and 24th of June, as well as the official party on the 23rd. PREMIUM members get a discount and a special extra too!

Shooter Symposium — 384 EUR

This ticket gives you access to the exclusive Paris Shooter Symposium 2011. It's an expanded workshop-style event on June 22nd that will bring together the leading European developers working on Combat/Shooter games, whether first- or third-person.

There are Bronze tickets at 48 EUR too, but those are only available for a limited time and will be released in batches starting from February 20th. Be sure to subscribe to the official mailing list for notification.

Stay Tuned!

Late last month we released a surprise recording video of the Paris Game/AI Conference 2010 as a freebie, and we'll be releasing more bonuses over the next few months as we build up to the conference too...

If you'd like to get in on the action, just go over to the official conference website and subscribe to the newsletter. We'll be sending out those extras by email only — so stay tuned! In the meantime, go grab your tickets in the store!

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