BLOG POSTS Conference 2016: Last Tickets & Live Stream, July 18-20
Open Upcoming July 10th, 2016 Conference 2016: Last Tickets & Live Stream, July 18-20

The Conference, our event dedicated to AI in games and Creative Industries, will take place just 7 days from now on July 18-20. It's the largest event worldwide dedicated to the topic! Read on for more details...

  • Open News
    July 10th, 2011

    SimplePath for Unity: Post-Mortem Releasing a Scripting Package in the Asset Store

    One month ago, I released a software product called "SimplePath" on the Unity Asset Store. SimplePath is a pathfinding middleware for the Unity game engine, which I recently started using after leaving my full-time job as an AI Programmer at Nihilistic Software, a company focused on the console gaming market. I had never released a piece of software on my own, and I noticed the Unity community's desire for a pathfinding software, so I felt like this was a good opportunity to see what it's like to self-release a small scale product.

  • Open Review
    June 13th, 2011

    Suggested Pre-Conference Reading and Live Broadcast from Paris!

    In slightly over a week, the game development and artificial intelligence community will descend upon Paris for this year's annual Game/AI Conference 2011! Whether or not you can make it, here's a list of related research from around the web, our very own blog, and the PREMIUM area, to help you prepare for the onslaught of content. :-)

  • Open Upcoming
    May 23rd, 2011

    19+ Reasons to Visit Paris Next Month: Game/AI Conf. '11 Line-Up Finalized!

    Building on the incredible success of last year's record-setting event, is proud to announce the program of the fourth annual Game/AI Conference in Paris, co-organized with the CNAM where the event is held. This year's conference takes place on June 23rd and 24th 2011, following a symposium about Action/Combat Shooters on June 22nd. The schedule blends invited sessions from top AI developers from industry as well as tutorials, reviews and R&D oriented sessions.

  • Open Tutorial
    May 19th, 2011

    The Mechanics of Influence Mapping: Representation, Algorithm & Parameters

    Influence maps have been around since the very early days of game AI, tracing their history back to real-time strategy games over a decade ago. Since then, influence maps have become a cornerstone technique for game developers, and are even starting to become prevalent in first-person shooters as well.

  • Open Tutorial
    April 28th, 2011

    Occupancy Grids and Emergent Search Behavior for NPCs

    Occupancy grids have been used in robotics for decades to help with navigation, and were recently applied by the MIT Media Lab make synthetic creatures more believable under Bruce Blumberg's supervision. Damian Isla, who originally worked on Duncan the Highland Terrier as part of his research there, popularized the concept for game developers in a demo at the AI Summit two years ago.

  • Open Upcoming
    April 27th, 2011

    Game AI R&D Sabbaticals & Internships Open in Vienna, Austria

    Would you like to take a break from your current job in the games industry, spend 6 to 12 months working on cutting edge R&D about artificial intelligence, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? If that sounds appealing to you, then a Game AI Sabbatical at may be the perfect thing for you!

  • Open Review
    April 26th, 2011

    Recast'ing Automatic Annotations for Player Cover in KILLZONE 3

    The most common advice for automatically generating annotations is to start with manual annotations instead, then use those to build the runtime behavior. But where's the fun in that? :-) Luckily, that's where AI comes in! Not only does it make things a lot more fun to develop, but it also helps annotate data much quicker and reliably.


AlphaGo, Award Results, and Early Birds
Insider Newsletter February 24th, 2016

AlphaGo, Award Results, and Early Birds

BLOG POSTS About The Blog With almost 10,000 subscribers, is the largest source of regular updates about artificial intelligence and video games. Topics range from game design, to character animation including programming tips and tricks. INSIDER FEATURES Get Full Access! The INSIDER account at is completely free, and among other things it allows […]

  • Insider Presentation
    February 15th, 2009

    The Race for Better Game Avatars and Player Immersion

    A month ago, the AI / Games Research Network held a meeting in Bardford about Academic / Industry collaboration in the fields of avatars and player immersion. This is the first talk of the afternoon, given by Alex J. Champandard, which discusses ways that we can use AI to improve avatar behaviors as well as immerse the player more, as well as the risks involved. The range of topics covered ranges from emotional feedback to parkour, including the AI Director in Left 4 Dead.
  • Insider Presentation
    January 17th, 2009

    The Future of Collaboration in Player Representation and Engagement

    This panel discussion organized as part of the AI Games Network focuses on AI and Avatars, and ways for industry and academia to collaborate to engage and emulate human players. The discussion was friendly and lively, with topics including research opportunities and open challenges, game-specific APIs or standards, open source or cooperative labs as a way to encourage collaboration.

  • Insider Presentation
    December 28th, 2008

    Behavior Trees for Next-Gen Game AI

    In this presentation, Alex Champandard talks about using behavior trees to create responsive yet purposeful decision-making and control systems. In particular, you'll learn how behavior trees combine the best features of linear scripts and reactive state machines, yet provide the goal-directedness of planners. You'll learn about the structure of behavior trees and what you need to implement them, as well as useful patterns for designing scalable AI logic based on them.

  • Insider Presentation
    December 4th, 2008

    Dealing with Destruction: AI from the Trenches of COMPANY OF HEROES

    At the GDC 2007, Chris Jurney and Shelby Hubick gave a presentation about the AI in Company of Heroes, a highly acclaimed real-time strategy game for the PC. The talk looks into the process of building an AI that can deal with fully destructible environments, from the process of calculating impassable areas and the clearance for each cell, including a presentation of the squad logic too, as well as vehicle movement.
  • Insider QA
    November 29th, 2008

    Embodied AI vs Fake AI, and Machine Learning (Audio, Part 4)

    This audio recording of the marathon two-part Q&A entitled (Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about Game AI covers three main topics: the difference between real AI as an embodied system, and game AI as part of a whole, how machine learning has a unique opportunity building on existing technology, and an analysis of case based reasoning and its major challenges. (Sponsored by SpirOps.)

  • Insider Presentation
    November 20th, 2008

    Planning and Designer Workflows with SpirOps [Sponsored]

    Earlier this month, Axel Buendia held a seminar on discussing the new technology the SpirOps team has been working on. In particular, he talks about the process of modeling intentions with fuzzy pre-conditions and effects, and how they can be chained together with forwards and backwards linking to compute plans. Axel uses examples of a thief trying to steal a crown from a castle to illustrate how such fuzzy planning would work in practice.