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Things You Never Knew about Game AI in Industry
Insider Broadcast September 26th, 2010

Things You Never Knew about Game AI in Industry

In this marathon session with Alex J. Champandard, previously Senior AI Programmer at Rockstar Games and contractor on KILLZONE 2 for Guerrilla Games, you'll find out everything you wanted to know about learning game AI, about the games industry, and the techniques and design patterns used by professional developers. Any question you ask will be answered!

Premium Broadcast September 19th, 2010

The Time-Travelling RTS AI in Achron with Chris Hazard

Achron is an upcoming RTS with time travel! In this interview with its developer Chris Hazard, you'll hear about the programming tricks that were used to pull this off, being able to simulate the various aspects of the game and its AI efficiently. Chris will also talk about why the team had to make our own custom scripting language, why coding unit behaviors in Achron feels a lot like shaders from graphics ...

Premium Broadcast September 12th, 2010

Everything About the Omni-Bot for Enemy Territory with Jeremy Swigart

In this interview with Jeremy Swigard, developer of the Omni-Bot and currently AI Programmer at id Software, you'll find out everything you want to know about one of the most popular bots available. You'll learn about the underlying implementation of the navigation, the behaviors, and how the levels are annotated — in particular using Enemy Territory as an example. Jeremy will also share some experiences ...

Premium Broadcast September 5th, 2010

Techniques for Procedural Generation of Levels & Gameplay

While many games use procedural generation of geometry to reduce the workload of artists, more developers are experimenting with procedural levels for gameplay reasons. In this masterclass, you'll get an overview of techniques used for this kind of generation, in particular looking into Insomniac's work for RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE and Valve's ALIEN SWARM. You'll see the benefits of both scripted approaches as ...

Premium Broadcast August 29th, 2010

Interactive Behavior Debugging using an AI Flight Recorder with Mika ...

Are you still using large .log files and searching through them with a text editor to debug your AI? Well, there's a much better way! In this masterclass with Mika Vehkala, AI Programmer at IO Interactive, you'll hear about the Flight Recorder that's being used on the new project to help debug the behaviors in the game. It finds things like problematic decisions, oscillations, and even helps isolate crashes.

Premium Broadcast August 8th, 2010

Drop-Out Bots: Multiplayer Architectures for Interchangeable AI and ...

In this masterclass, find out why bots are becoming an increasingly important aspect of modern multiplayer games, and more importantly how to implement them. How can you make sure that the bots can drop-in and -out when necessary and what architecture do you need in place? What are the tradeoffs and what kind of AI techniques work best in these cases?

Insider Broadcast May 30th, 2010

Under the Hood of Havok Behavior's Blend Tree and Animation System

Did you know that Havok Behavior was a fully featured blend tree? In this interview-style presentation, you'll be able to go behind the scenes into the architecture and implementation of Havok Behavior, and find out about the middleware system that powers JUST CAUSE 2 and WORLD OF ZOO — among many others. In this interview/presentation with Jason Turbin, you'll find out everything you wanted to know ...