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Do you know a game you'd love to hear more about how the AI was Made? Are you releasing a game with interesting insights you'd like to share? Or are there game AI topics you'd like to know more about?

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Premium Broadcast May 23rd, 2010

Multi-threading AI from Task Queues to Job Systems

Many games use a separate thread for major AI systems like pathfinding. In this masterclass, you'll find out about an alternative approach by applying multi-threading to your AI using a job queue or task system. You'll learn about the pitfalls of this approach, and some things to look out for in practice.

Premium Broadcast May 16th, 2010

Declarative Representations and Rule-Based Systems with Richard Evans

Join Richard Evans, Lead Simulation Engineer at Maxis and Lead AI Programmer on THE SIMS 3, in a live online masterclass. Richard will discuss the application of rule-based systems, logic programming and deontic logic in games — using examples from prototypes and previous games — and how they can help you in your game.

Insider Broadcast May 9th, 2010

Hands-On the AI of HANDBALL SIMULATOR 2010 with Tim Janus

In this interview with Lead Programmer Tim Janus, discover how the AI for HANDBALL SIMULATOR 2010 was implemented by a small team. In particular, learn about its implementation of group behaviors and special moves, such as passing the ball between multiple players, and how that was handled by the AI. Discover how this was implemented within an editor tool in practice, and a goal-based hierarchy at runtime.

Premium Broadcast May 2nd, 2010

Debug Rendering and Visualization Frameworks

Fixing bugs remains one of the most time consuming tasks for AI developers. How can this be made easier in practice? What kind of underlying code framework do you need? This masterclass will give you guidelines how to approach the problem, things you need upfront and what to expect during production.

Premium Broadcast April 18th, 2010

High-Performance and Memory-Efficient Pathfinding in DRAGON AGE with ...

This interview with Nathan Sturtevant, contractor at BioWare and Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, will focus on his work on the pathfinding of DRAGON AGE in full detail — in particular the process of improving performance and making it memory efficient, as well as the low-level details about optimization and implementation.

Premium Broadcast April 11th, 2010

Utility Systems for Single Decisions in Practice

You understand the idea of utility systems, but how do you program them in practice when small problems come up? This masterclass will go over the two major types of implementation, and discuss how they work in practice as well as their pitfalls. This session will focus on how to write the code for such systems quickly, but without leaving you in trouble later in the project!

Premium Broadcast February 28th, 2010

The AI of Brütal Legend: Interview with Tara Teich

In this mini "post-mortem" style interview with Tara Tech, you'll hear about some of the key parts of Brütal Legend's AI technology as well as their design.