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Do you know a game you'd love to hear more about how the AI was Made? Are you releasing a game with interesting insights you'd like to share? Or are there game AI topics you'd like to know more about?

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Premium Broadcast February 27th, 2010

Sins of a Solar Empire's AI: Interview with Blair Fraser

This interview with Blair Fraser looks into the AI behind the award winning space RTS, Sins of a Solar Empire. Find out how the individual ships fly around, how the groups move consistently, and how the high-level AI operates the fleet. As well as touching on design and balancing issues, Blair will discuss the challenges of such a large scale 3D environment poses on artificial intelligence.

Premium Broadcast February 21st, 2010

Finite State Machines, Hierarchical Graphs, and Beyond

This tutorial looks into the use of finite state machines for AI and animation, and how they are typically extended with hierarchies. You'll then learn about the potential pitfalls and how to work around them, turning your HFSMs into something more akin to a reactive planner.

Open Broadcast February 7th, 2010

An Introduction to AI for Indie Game Developers

Upcoming Broadcasts About Our Broadcasts Most weekends, we organize online interviews with industry veterans and masterclasses with domain experts on the topic of artificial intelligence in games. These classes are completely free to attend live, you only need to sign-up to the site — it takes less than a minute to secure your seat. Your […]

Premium Broadcast January 24th, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Hierarchical Pathfinding A* with Alex Kring

This masterclass focuses on the little details & gotcha's when using hierarchical pathfinding, for instance how to setup the hierarchy, the shape of the areas, how the pathfinding should be run, incremental A*, multi-threading, etc.

Premium Broadcast January 17th, 2010

Semi-Automated QA Procedures for Robust Testing of AAA Game AI with ...

This masterclass with Matthew Jack, AI Programmer at Crytek GmbH who worked on Crysis, focuses on quality assurance (QA) and testing procedures for AI in the games industry. Matthew will present a semi-automated tool to help testers isolate features and problems when playing the game, which stands to significantly improve the way we test AI. Other common testing procedures and their effectiveness will also be ...

Premium Broadcast December 13th, 2009

Understanding Decision Boundaries: How to Preempt Bugs and Increase ...

This masterclass digs into a very important topic, source of many bugs and illusion breaking behaviors in games. You'll be introduced to decision boundaries and the kind of problems they cause in practice. You'll also learn about four different ways to address these issues in practice to increase realism without much extra work, and prevent bugs before they happen.

Premium Broadcast December 6th, 2009

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Interview with Christian Gyrling

This interview with Christian Gyrling will look at the highly acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, in particular the animation, AI and the interplay between the two.