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Do you know a game you'd love to hear more about how the AI was Made? Are you releasing a game with interesting insights you'd like to share? Or are there game AI topics you'd like to know more about?

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Premium Broadcast November 29th, 2009

Case-Based Reasoning and User-Generated Gameplay with Ashwin Ram

This interview with Ashwin Ram, leading expert and researcher in Case-Based Reasoning, will look into the state of CBR as a technology. You'll learn about the benefits & pitfalls of case-based reasoning and where it can be best applied. You'll also hear about Ashwin's most recent research in User-Generated AI — where CBR seems particularly suited.

Premium Broadcast November 22nd, 2009

Knowledge Representation and Blackboard Architectures with Damian Isla

This is a masterclass about knowledge representation with Damian Isla, Director of Technology at Moonshot Games, formerly Lead AI at Bungie on Halo 2 & 3. Damian will discuss how blackboards can be used in AI architectures to manage information about the world.

Premium Broadcast November 8th, 2009

DEMIGOD's AI from Strategy to Role-Playing with Dru Staltman

This interview with Dru Staltman, Gameplay Engineer at Gas Powered Games, will look into the iterative development process that went in to creating Demigod's innovative AI, as described in this article. How was the system originally conceived, what where the major challenges, which were the biggest problems in the end, and how could the AI be extended and improved further?

Zombie AI Halloween Special with Phil Carlisle
Insider Broadcast November 1st, 2009

Zombie AI Halloween Special with Phil Carlisle

This session is an informal presentation digging into Zombie AI. Recent games have zombies that range from slow-moving mobs to fast running infected; how is this achieved in practice? You'll also hear suggestions for improvements of the typical infected behaviors, and will discuss the upcoming L4D2 also!

Premium Broadcast October 25th, 2009

Designing and Prototyping an Independent Game with Borut Pfeifer

Borut, formerly a Lead AI Programmer at Electronic Arts LA, is current working on an independent game called The Unconcerned, which takes place during the riots in Iran. You play the role of two parents that have lost their child in the crowd. The interview will cover how Borut is approaching the design, how he's prototyping the ideas, and of course what kind of things he's considering for the AI.

Premium Broadcast October 18th, 2009

Decentralized, Emergent and Fuzzy Intelligence: 30,000 Units in AI WAR

Find out how the entirely unique yet highly acclaimed AI came together for this independent game in about 3 months of work. Discover the approach that its author, Chris Park, took with the design given his background in large scale databases. You'll also learn how the decentralized AI works with the tiered architecture, how fuzzy logic was leveraged, and how the whole system was balanced.

Insider Broadcast October 11th, 2009

Hard Work, Networking and a Bit of Luck: A Tortuous Journey into the ...

An interview with Jad Nohra (the latest AI recruit at Guerrilla Games) about his programming background, his independent games, how he approached industry and his most recent work on the AI Sandbox. This will be followed by an open Q&A session with Jad and Alex Champandard (AiGameDev.com, ex-Rockstar) about the process of getting into industry, contacts & contracts, required background, etc.