These single site packages are available to companies, studios, and research institutes. For worldwide group or publisher access, or pay on demand access, feel free to contact us at <sales at>.


Site Wide

$995 Quarterly

  • 20 Individual Dev.
  • 5 Concurrent Access
  • Account Statistics


Multiple Projects

$569 Quarterly

  • 10 Individual Dev.
  • 2 Concurrent Access
  • Conf. Recordings


Single Project

$379 Quarterly

  • 5 Individual Dev.
  • 1 Concurrent Access
  • IP-based Login
  • Job Listings


Small Teams

$189 Quarterly

  • 2 Individual Dev.
  • Instant Access


One Man Shop

$99 Quarterly

  • 1 Individual Developer

If you're not a company, university or research group, non-commercial packages are available.


Individual Developers12010521
Maximum ProjectsUnlimited2111
Concurrent Access2521
Instant Access3
IP-based Login
Full PDF Invoice
Exempt of VAT4
Conference Discounts5
Job Listings
Account Statistics6
Conference Recordings5
Quarterly Price$995$569$379$189$99


  1. Individual passes give your developers full PREMIUM access to the site from anywhere in the world. These are intended for your AI / gameplay programmers and are subject to the same protections as individual accounts.

  2. Site access gives your studio developers the ability to log-in to the site automatically via your office's IP-address. Even without an account on the site, anyone can access the PREMIUM content concurrently.

  3. For the Indie package, we'll need to verify that your company is indeed independent and not publisher funded. This typically takes less than 24h.

  4. If you're based in the European Union, an EU VAT identification number is required. We'll contact you via email afterwards to confirm that your membership package is indeed without tax.

  5. is organizing the Conference (previously Game/AI Conference), the world's largest independent event focusing on artificial intelligence in creative industries.

  6. When your developers access the content by IP-based login, you'll be able to track anonymous usage statistics for the articles and video features.

  7. For defense contractors or military simulations, only the Diamond package is available and is also limited to a single site. Contact us at <sales at> for multi-site options.