PLUS is your fast track to gaining insights from the games industry, and your sneak peek into the trenches! It's a monthly subscription program at 5€ ($7) per month featuring a high-quality audio/video interview recording with the AI developer behind recent and acclaimed titles. You also get live access to all the live sessions on!

PLUS Subscription

(Non-Commercial, EUR)

€5 monthly, automatic rebilling.

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PLUS Subscription

(Non-Commercial, USD)

$7 monthly, automatic rebilling.

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Each month, you get access to an interview recording:

  1. It's available as HQ streaming video so you can read the slides and whiteboard, and everything is explained visually.

  2. The interview is available from the site on-demand, so you can watch from home or University/College.

  3. Each interview has an HTML transcript, so you don't miss any technical terms and references.

  4. The selection of features covers both AAA and indie games, a blend to help you learn about diverse experiences!

You also get access to the live masterclasses, tutorials and interviews:

  1. Both design and code are covered in interviews; you need both perspectives to extend your AI skills without specializing.

  2. The live sessions give you the chance to pick the brains of the experts, and get your questions answered.

  3. The interviews online are very friendly and personal, so you get an unbiased impression of what it's like in these studios.

All of these interviews would cost $50 to $70 to attend each at a game development conference, and these are the kinds of things that are not talked about in books. If you value your education and are willing to invest in your career the mere price of a large coffee or a couple beers, then PLUS is definitely for you!


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