“Take a Glimpse into the Future of AI & Gameplay...”

The week of October 27th to November 3rd, AiGameDev.com launched a new part of the site called ULTIMATE. This is currently closed to new members as we focus on creating great content, but it will be available again in the future. Sign-up to the mailing list below for details and notification.

You can sign-up to PREMIUM in the meantime also :-)

The Full ULTIMATE Details

ULTIMATE gives you with unlimited access to the greatest single resource for professional AI and gameplay development. It's a quarterly membership subscription for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about artificial intelligence in games:

  • Interviews with industry veterans and masterclasses with domain experts, accessible live online or as replays immediately after the broadcast. The recordings are also featured on the site the following weeks.

  • Downloadable slides, audio and video recordings of the features so you can watch or listen to them them offline via your portable player.

  • The full benefits that AiGameDev.com PREMIUM has to offer! As an ULTIMATE member you get access to everything that's on the site.

  • Recordings from the Game/AI Conferences over the years; it's the world's leading independent conference on artificial intelligence and gameplay.

  • Access to binaries of demos and prototypes with innovative Game/AI, built with interactivity and visualizations so you can see what's going on.

  • Source code to the demo projects (.cpp), along with libraries and headers SDK (.h and .lib) of the underlying infrastructure, so you can understand what's going on and make changes.

IMPORTANT: Our memberships come with a 14-day money back guarantee! Simply email us at <admin at AiGameDev.com> and tell us what we can improve, and we'll just refund your payment.

Time-Sensitive Bonuses

The following bonuses are available if you sign-up to ULTIMATE during launch week starting October 27th at 16:00 UTC:

  1. Exclusive high-impact coaching including tips and methodologies for Senior- and Lead-level AI programmers, from the technology to the team dynamics.

  2. A 'trade secrets' consulting session with our combined experience on everything you need to know on being a freelance contractor in the field!

These unique coaching and consulting sessions have never been revealed before, and will be held live online in small invite-only groups, and recorded in case you cannot attend. Both these sessions are worth multiple times the price of AiGameDev.com ULTIMATE.

  • Bonus 20 minutes private consulting with our resident experts, combining decades of experience from Rockstar, Electronic Arts, Crytek, Guerrilla Games, etc. (SOLD OUT!)

  • Early access to the AI Sandbox™ Alpha, with the full source code and assets that can be built in Visual Studio 2010 — in exchange for your feedback on the release. (SOLD OUT!)

These bonuses are in limited supply (we still haven't invented a machine to generate infinite hours in the day), so be sure to act now before it's too late! Note that these bonuses are not available to new PREMIUM subscribers.

Full Schedule

When you join ultimate, you'll get immediate access to all the interviews and masterclasses on AiGameDev.com. The demos/prototypes and the recordings from the conferences will be released incrementally over the next weeks and months:

First Quarter

October 27th    Rushing Bases (Binary Demo #1)
November 1st    Paris Game/AI Conference 2011
November 15th   Hide & Seek (Binary Demo #2)
December 1st    Paris Game/AI Conference 2010
December 15th   Demo #1 Source Code & SDK
January 1st     Paris Game/AI Conference 2009
January 15th    Demo #2 Source Code & SDK

Second Quarter

February 1st    Squad AI (Binary Demo #3)
February 15th   Demo #3 Source Code & SDK
April    1st    AI Sandbox Source "Community Preview"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is ULTIMATE only going to be available during this week?

A: After this week we'll close ULTIMATE to new members, specifically so we can focus on delivering amazing material over the next months. We did this when we launched PREMIUM over three years ago, and it worked incredibly well to make sure our members got the best out of their subscription.

Q: How come ULTIMATE's price isn't the listed $149 per quarter?

A: You might have noticed the price on the sales page, and indeed $149 will become the regular price. But we decided to cut a deal with you... If you join this week, you'll become a 'Charter' member and help shape the future of AiGameDev.com ULTIMATE. In return, we're offering you the best price the membership will ever be.

Q: What happens if I don't sign-up this week?

A: You'll miss out and kick yourself later :-) Seriously, it happens every year or so when we launch new products, and we always get emails about it afterwards. We're a passionate team of game developers and don't spend much of our time making special promotions like this one. Make the most of it now before it's too late!

Q: Why is ULTIMATE marked as non-commercial?

A: The ULTIMATE membership is not tax deductible. It's for individuals only, and not professionals or studios. You can register on this page for a commercial account.

Q: I'm already a PREMIUM member, how does this affect me?

A: You'll not only continue to be an AiGameDev.com member, but in fact you'll get a complimentary upgrade to ULTIMATE as long as you remain actively subscribed to the site!

Q: What's the difference between PREMIUM and ULTIMATE?

A: ULTIMATE includes full access to more than just the material on AiGameDev.com, including demos from the AI Sandbox™ and the recordings from all the Paris Game/AI Conferences over the years.

Want More Details?

If you'd like to hear more about AiGameDev.com ULTIMATE, then feel free to subscribe to the mailing list below for details:

Also don't hesitate to email at <sales at AiGameDev.com> if you have any questions!