PathEngine provides a sophisticated toolkit for agent movement, built around an advanced points-of-visibility pathfinding core. This gives you powerful paired path planning and collision against a sophisticated, continuous space, pathfinding movement model, with robust integrated dynamic obstacle functionality and exact representation of agent shape, for seamless movement over overlapping ground geometry. For more, see www.pathengine.com.


Havok is the premier provider of interactive software and services for digital media creators in the games and movie industries. With world leading expertise in physics, animation and tools, Havok’s business is to turn customers’ creative aspirations into technical realities. Havok’s modular suite of tools gives power to the creator, making sure that clients can reach new standards of realism and interactivity, while mitigating the overall cost and risks associated with creating today’s leading video games and movies. For more, see www.havok.com.


departure supports entrepreneurs and company founders active in the field of the creative industries, who want to get things moving in the city and who essentially contribute to the prosperity of the metropolis of Vienna – people for whom it is a concern to bring some international cultural and economic flair to the city and thus to strengthen the innovative power of an entire region. For more, see www.departure.at.