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Code Coverage for QA: A Practical Approach to Testing AI in Games

Matthew Jack on March 1, 2010

As AI systems have become increasingly complex thanks to better techniques and tools, quality assurance has also had to improve accordingly. Testers have always relied on their intuitions, hard work, communication, their gaming skills and some luck to find bugs, but over the past few years better tools have been falling into place to help this process. This year will mark another step in QA for Game AI, thanks to a clever technique that Matthew Jack applied on Crysis.

In this masterclass with you'll discover a new semi-automated tool to help testers isolate features and problems when playing games, which stands to significantly improve the way you test AI without too much time investment. Matthew will also provide a quick overview of other testing procedures that are commonly used in the games industry and discuss their effectiveness. Finally, you'll hear the story of how this was used at Crytek, and how Matthew recently applied it to Alien Arena, the open-source FPS.