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Pedestrians with Airtight Alibis and Level-Of-Detail Trading

Ben Sunshine-Hill on May 14, 2011

When simulating large crowds, most games can't afford to perform detailed AI simulation on pedestrians, and often randomly generate behavior instead. Even in the very best open-world sandbox games, the pedestrians often wander around without purpose. This approach is fast, but the down side is that cracks quickly show in the NPCs decision making once the player investigates — which completely breaks immersion.

In this masterclass with Ben Sunshine-Hill, you'll learn an AI technique that can generate more details in the behavior by using plausible explanations for the random decisions, also known as Alibi Generation. You'll see how this new style of bottom-up AI can alleviate common problems of pedestrian AI, such as performance and lack of detail. You'll also hear about R&D solution for implementing level-of-detail in a way that maximizes the benefits for the player.