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Building AI that Rocks: A BRÜTAL LEGEND Post-Mortem

Tara Teich on April 1, 2010

Tim Schafer's most recent masterpiece, BRÜTAL LEGEND, presented many challenges to the Double Fine team. Not only did the story include a rich cast of characters and a variety of units to play with, but the gameplay also combines brawling, driving, and strategy... Combined with a modest team size, this proved to be a great undertaking from a technical perspective.

In this 1h post-mortem style interview with Tara Teich, Senior Programmer at Double Fine, you'll find out how the AI team resolved these problems. In particular, Tara explains how a component-based approach allowed them easy implementation of a wide variety of characters, how an automated testing tool called RoBert checks many of the game's features automatically, and how the implementation of the AI Avatar as the RTS opponent was approached.