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Hard Work, Networking and a Bit of Luck: A Tortuous Journey into the Games Industry

Jad Nohra on November 19, 2009

Working in the games industry as an AI Programmer is undoubtedly the coolest job on the planet — based on completely objective and unbiased judgment from the editorial team. However, getting the position you want in the right company can be quite a daunting process!

In this interview with Jad Nohra (the latest AI recruit at Guerrilla Games), you'll find out how he did it. Jad shares his programming background including his independent games, how he approached industry and his most recent work on the AI Sandbox. This is followed by an open Q&A session with Jad and Alex Champandard (, ex-Rockstar) about the process of getting into industry, portfolio, interviews & contacts, required background, etc.