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Strategic War Games and Operational-Level AI in COMMAND OPS: BATTLES FROM THE BULGE

Dave O'Connor on May 7, 2011

COMMAND OPS: BATTLES FROM THE BULGE is a strategic war game that has a reputation for its simulation detail, famous for its realistic model of command decision-making. It's also considered by fans of the genre as having one of the best operational AI systems even built in such a game, and one of the most advanced in any wargame.

In this is an interview with Dave O'Connor, AI Programmer on the game and its prequels, you'll discover how the enemy AI and how it launches coordinated strikes as it probes your lines for weakness while realistically reacting to your movements. Dave will also explain how the friendly AI can be used to manage the war on a lower level while you plan the larger scale maneuvers designed to make short work of your enemy. You'll also find out how this was implemented, in particular to build plans efficiently.