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Historical Battlefield AI in DARKEST OF DAYS

Jeff Russell on April 20, 2010

The concept behind DARKEST OF DAYS that captured the imagination of gamers was the ability to travel into the past and visit major battlefields, for example Ancient Rome, to the Civil War, or World War I. This obviously presented many challenges for the AI, in particular scaling up to huge battlefields and making sure large numbers of soldiers were fun for the player to interact with.

In this (text) interview with Jeff Russell, Lead Engineer at 8 Monkey Lab, you'll hear about the three major rewrites that the AI underwent to be able to cope with the requirements. Learn how Jeff and his team managed to optimize the pathfinding and the sensory system to reach adequate performance levels for hundreds of soldiers. You'll also hear about the balancing of the game where the player is one soldier in a large group, and many more AI design insights.