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Dawn of War II and Real-time Strategy AI

Chris Jurney on October 26, 2008

In this interview, Chris Jurney talks about the AI in Company of Heroes, which was extended for Dawn of War II. He discusses topics such as path-finding in dynamic environments, dealing with destruction, his thoughts on solving path-finding generally, squad movement and strategy, high-level RTS AI and developing AI for PC games.

About Chris

Chris Jurney is a Senior Programmer at Relic Entertainment, working on the AI for Dawn of War II. He previously wrote the path-finding system for Company of Heroes, and worked at Kaos Studios as a Senior Programmer. He has spoken at the Games Developer’s Conference, GDC China, and local IGDA chapter meetings. Chris has a B.S. in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he specialized in AI.

Audio/Video Recording

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Here is the text version of the document, transcribed by Christian Kandler, for you to download, print and read away from the computer:

Dawn of War II and Real-time Strategy AI — Transcript
Chris Jurney, Alex J. Champandard
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The MP3 version below is the highest quality audio recording available — perfect for your portable media player:

Chris Jurney Interview — Audio
Chris Jurney, Alex J. Champandard
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Alex J. Champandard on October 26, 2008

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