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EVE ONLINE’s PvE Bots and AI Architecture for a Single-Shard MMO

Alex J. Champandard on August 22, 2011

EVE ONLINE is the largest single-shard MMO game that has ever existed, and like every other aspect of the engine building and maintaining the AI is a tremendous challenge. Both computation and bandwidth between the machines in the cluster are very scarce resources. Yet still, in the most recent expansions of the game, CPP Games found ways to produce its most AI-rich interations yet in INCURSION, in particular a feature called Sansha’s Nation — a series of vicious PvE invasions taking place throughout the EVE universe.

In this interview with two developers on the game, Robert Babiak and Joel McGinnis, you'll find out how the AI in EVE was originally implemented and how it evolved over teh years. You'll find out how the AI fits within the server architecture, how it was distributed over multiple machines. You'll also find out about the Python implementation, and how the most recent bots are built to compete against the most dedicated players.