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Behavior as First-Class Gameplay Concepts in CORTICAL

Stéphane Bura on April 11, 2011

Games such as the classic LEMMINGS or the upcoming PORTAL 2 feature behaviors as explicit concepts in the game that you can manipulate as objects, from setting the behavior of the Lemmings to spraying jump and acceleration paint around the world. In an industry where creative designs can help both AAA and indie titles distinguish themselves, these concepts are a proven yet very under-used technique for adding more depth to the gameplay.

In this interview you'll hear from veteran game designer Stéphane Bura about CORTICAL, an incredibly creative puzzle game where the gameplay is about assigning behavior. You'll find out how you can use methodology to innovate with the game design, and even when creating levels. You'll also learn about new opportunities for applying AI in other under-used parts of game design.